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Chap.15. An Expöftfon upon theBoolt,_on -:Q 13 verf,i i. 3 darknefs, can give us light inour thiclteil darknefs ; This is a .An minores truth, but for the reafon above, I flay not upon it. font confotatim ones del, quarn The Septuagint translation is far wider than the former, ut re conjotort Thou haft received butfin, wounds ,in eomparifon of the fins that potent? yatab. thou haft committed ; which is a Paraphrafe , not a tranflation, and fuch a Paraphrafe as feems to lie quite without the coin pats of the Text The meaning and intendment of it may be given thus ; as if he had Paid , Thou complaineft that thouart ?aucd pro l;a greatly aflieied, that thy farrows are innumerable, but if thou qux peccajii coxfderejt thygreat and many fins, thy fufferings are few yea,thy fll fuMerings may rather be called confolations, and thy lofêsgains ; nera5ep Are the confolations of Godfmall to thee , feeing thou haft finned fomutcl ? When God lays but a little affltótion upon infol man, he may be Paid, to give a great deal of mercy. ; A third gives this fenfe,Are the confolations of God small to An eonfoh.tio thee ? That is, Dull thou efleem the confolations of God fo net Dei tam cheap, that he will give them to fuels an one as thou ? or that cantemptibilrt he will lavish them out upon the wicked, and cart thefe Pearls i cd.tae,u ante to Swine, to such as are blafphemers and contemners of blafphestátoreo God? But why doth Eliphazcall these the confolations of God,? Did God adminiflei them to job with his own hand , or did he (peak to Job from Heaven ? Some conceive that though he and his Friends fpake them, yet Eliphaz calls them the confo-'Suns (5otërk lations ofGod by an Hebraifm , becaufe he judged them great ruin conjòlatio.. confolations. Thus in Scripture, The Mountainof God , and nes,vocat Dec the River of God, are put for agreat Mountain , and a great cotfolationes, River; fo here. As if he had laid , Thou haft received manygreat pantofaro u. confolations from us thy Friends , and doeft thou account them Druf l `' fmall ? Buttrather take the fenfeplainly, that he calls them fo, becaufe God is the author and giver, the fountain andori- ginal fromwhom all confolations fpring and flow. The Confolations of God are twofold : Firit,Arifing from good things already exhibited to us, Secondly, From good things promifed to us. The Consolations of God in this place , are good things promised, or offered : Promifes are Divine conveyancesofConfo- lation. The Friends of job had made him many promifes,that he repenting,Godwould make bic latter endbetter than hisbegink. ning, Eliphaz tells him that he had flighted the con- folations