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Chap.*. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Ver.i3, Firft , Ration .within will vent it [elf by words without , when the heart is carried away. and the fpirit turned againit God, nomarvel if the tongue be car; ied away, and the words offuch a man be turned both against God, his truthor people. Secondly,Note : Our words are fuitable to our fpirits : fon;e can diffcmble much, and fpeak golden words, while then-delves are drofs; but ordinarily, our words are fuch as we are : The vile perfon willfpeakvillany (Fa. 3`1,15.) Aman that is all for the World,: fpeaks worldly (i John 4. 5:) They are of the world, therefore 'peak they of the world. Every man is of the World, fo, as that he is a part of the World, but fome are fo of the World, that the World is all them ; they who are thus of the World mutt needs fpeak of the. World if they fpeak any thing, for they have nothing elfe to fpeak of. Thus a covetous man fpeaks covetoufly, and a proud man proudly (Zer. 43. 2.) Some told the Prophet to hisface, Thouf7ènkeJt falply, the Lord our God loath notlent thee tofay, Go not into Egypt tofijourn there : Thefe were proud words indeed, but who fpake them ? The Text tells us, 7 henfpake Azeriab thefon of Hofhaniah, and all theproud men : The proud men fpeak proudly ; fo on the contrary, a fober man will fpeak foberly ; an humble man humbly : The poor fpeak foepplications , faith Solomon: rich men fpealt their commands, poor men fpeak their wifhes and &fires. Í hirdly ,()bferve : Fe that dares to fpeakevil, is arrived at agreat height ofevil : Eliphaz puts this as an effeet._of. a heart turnedagainfl God fuch words as theft, thew that thou art not onely a finful man, but impudent in tinning. For though an evil heart is worfe than an evil tongue, and an ill thought than an evil word ; yet when ill words fpring from ill thoughts, and are as branches growing from the root of an evil heart, this thews a man heightned in fin : Sin bathgot the mafiery of the heart when it freely vents it Pelf at the tongue. Some keep their fins down bÿ hypocrifie, and tome by common modefly ; they areeither fo cunning that they will not, or fo bathful that they dare < not fpeak out the filth that lies within. But they are beyond, -. not onely modefty, but hypocrifie, whofe tongues can fpeak all the evil that is in their heart , though the fin of the heart < be;