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pi Chap.' 5. AnExpofttionupon the Book, of J O B. Vèd:1 g He that is born of a woman. In the firfi claufe he faith, What it man, in this latter,What is he that it born of a woman: He (peaks of man in both, yet Eitphatieè with an additional e to minkus of our birth and ori: nit,Vte memi- inal as was Chewed emphafis, on thole words Chap. t, Man nis,Vt,c.r}. g P ( p 4 ) e.Merc. that it born of a woman is of few dayer , and full of trouble : where the Reader may finde what that teacheth , even an ag- gravation of mans finfulnefs , in that he is born of a woman- who finned firfi, or was, as thep potile (peaks.(i Tim. 2.14. ) Firft in the Tranfgreffion. How prone is man to fin, being born of a woman , who was fo prone to fin that the was the first finner? What is be that is born ofa woman that hefhould be righ- teous ? The whole race of mankinde hath yeelded but one ex- ception to this general Rule , and that was in the perfon of our LordJefus Chrift s He indeed was born of a woman , and yet righteous , becaufe his Mothers conceptionwas of the holy' Glooft ( 20. ) and by thepower of the moft high overfha Bowing her, Luke 1,35 But we may fay of all men except him r who was alto infinitely more than man , rvenGodman ) What is be that isborn ofa woman that hefhould be righteous ? Secondly, Eliphazproceeds ( though the point beclear init. :.elf) to give a proof of it which he urgeth from the greater to the lets. di l;:u,,úi a Verf.15.; Behold, heputtetb no truflin.his Saints, and the heavens are not clean in hisfights How much more . abominable and filthy it man, &c, The Argument rites thus.: If they whoare thepureft ,the bolieft creatures , are not able to jiandbefore Godin their ownpurity ; bow,fball hewho bath no purity, no bolinefs at all in him ? But the Heavens, yea, the Angels inHeaven , who are thepu-. refs, the holieft creatures, are yet unclean in the fight ofGod : Therefore man who is abominable andfilthy,drinking iniquity like water, cannot be clean inbis fight. Behold,heputs notruflin his Saints, Elipbaz urged this ar- umentfor the fub.(}ance:ofit (.Chop. 4, t8,) here he repeats and re-inforceth it> Behold a; is ufùally a note of attention here it is moteta note