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6q ,Chap.i 5. t!nExpofttion upon the Bookof JOB. Vert; i 5. tional Creatures ; to here of the heavens , which are the porch' Cali quirnaxi- of all inanimate Creatures, yet thefe are not pure in the fight mefuntluc,di of God, therefore nomin is. The heavens have a kinde of fuaculas, : uncleannefs in them : the Moon hath her f ots yea, the Moon maculas, par- p Y refguecraforei is but a fpot, if Philofophers may be credited, who tell us that magtfgueopa. all the Stars ( in their fenfe the Moon is a Star ) are but as car Via teri the fpo:sof Heaven. 4 Star ( as they define) being the thicker tur ales, ¡ L andgroffer part of its Orbe : The heavens themfelves are fo fine Jimavidiitt and liquid,fo thin and.fluid, that they cannot hold the light; Der0macula. therefore the Lord made thofe Coeleflial bodies of the Sun, Pined. Moon, and Stars, more compact and grofs, that fo they might both receive, and retain the light, as alto tranfmit and give it' out to the World here below. Theft are (pots in the Hea -- vens. ; and though they appear. as the Glory or Beauty - fpots ofHeaven to our light, and are 'fo indeed ; yet thefeare not clean in-the fight of God. Again , the heavens are furtheft removed from all earthly Inc n ú their nature andscontlitution}, are but alfo inoregardof their lite prim e,feftm.. and polii+.iin ; being placed fo far from the fink of the World, piicirer,v'a- the earth, they never receivedany Rain or defilement from it, liudpurumrffe y:et theft heav®ns are not clean in his Sight. God doth not carom Deo ; ut make that which is clean , not clean by his feting it ; but his calasar,Dq tight is infinitely above all the cleannefs which he fees. That carom Deo tiff. g Y f rura.Luc. r. may be clean, confidered limply or in it Pelf , which before 6..trut. God, or to the eye ofGod, is as an unclean thing, Hence Note: God isfo clearfighted,that the cleaneff creatures are unclean in hisfight : the very cleannefs of the creature , is uncleannefs before him , much more , compared to him. For if one crea Lure may be fo clean that another creature which is clean may be faid to have no cleannefs in comparifon of it : then furely God is foclean , that the cleanneft creatures have in- deed no cleannefs in comparifon of his The Starsare very beautiful bodies and full of light , yet the Sun bath fo much light , that it darkens all the Stars, and caufeth them to difappear, when,ir appeáreih : Now, if the Stars have no light in the fight of the Sun , what light hath the Sun in the fight of God ? he that puts all the perfeótions that the creature