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66 Chap ,1g. An Expoft`tion upon the Book of J O B. VerCi 6. that which the eare cannot indure to hear of, that which is a (link in the noflriis , and which the hand will not touch Such an abominable thing the word bears , and fuch is man ; God loathes him, and is of purereyes than to behold iniquity, much more a lump of iniquity he is a Oink in the nofirills of God, nor will he touch him ( for any thing in him ) unlefs with a hand of jutlice to deflroy him, 1l.cvidetur Further , fome explain abominable by that of the Apo - ditluatperan. file (t Cor.16, 26. ) Ifany man love not the Lord Jefus Chriff titbefin, prop. let him be Anathema Maranatha that is , let all abominate, rer SanEiorum and cat? himout oftheir fociety : When the Lordwould thew £5 catorum the worm thought that he had of the belt fervicesof the Jews, uorumfpeci es, tells them Incenfe is an abomination to me ; and w the hen mundina ,fs, Pfaimilt would convince us how the peopleof Ifrael had deti- ordo, concep led themfelves with their own works , and polluted theLand t rairabilH, with blood, he gives it in the wordof this Text, Therefore was the wrathof the Lordkindled againfl hispeople , in fo much muiro lucun, .-1.40 a, that he abhorred bis own inheritance (Pfa1. 106. ver. 40. ) His inheritance was foabominable to him that he would not touch it, nor take it into his own hands; but as it follows in thePfalm, Hegave them into the bandof the Heathen. . Hence obferve ; Sinful man is leatbfome, andabominable unto God. How-much more abominable is man ; This is not to be underflood of fome particular man , or of fome fort of men who are more vile than others, but. take the belt of men , the moil accompiilht and compleat in the whole courfe of Nature, thefe are abo- minable ; they are deprived of the Image of God, they are Itampt with the Image of Satan , they are not only unable to do that which is good, but they are totally averle from it, yea, enemies to it ; is not all this enough to render man abo- minable in the tight of God ? . And fo abominable is man, that he doth not onely difpleafe theeye of God, but the very eyes of thofe who have received the Grace of God. A ,godly man turnes away from the wicked , as the wicked man doth from the Godly. (Prov.29.27.) An unjuft man is anabomination to the jug; 6 be that is upright in his way is an abomination to the wicked. The ditlafte is mutual; 'tis called enmity (Gen. as 15.) here abomination. The wicked man faith ( as the Devil to Chrifl)What have I to do.with thee thou Son ofDaviei.Thegodly. man