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74 Chap.15. An expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf.t 6. Father which is in Hell. The words ofhis mouth,his Coun fels and Laws I efteemmore than my neceffary food. So much for the opening and illuftration of this Scripture - phrafc, Drinking iniquity like mater : L (hall propound one Quere in general, concerning the whole Verfe , and fo con- clude it. Here is a full defcription of tinful man : But whe- ther E'iphaz fpeaks thisiiritlyof a Merton unregenerate, and fo applieth it to job , or whether this defcriptionbe not alto applicable to a manwho is regenerate and godly for the main, and was fo intended by.Elipbaz, is here a Oueflion. Some conceive that the words will fuite none but an unie- generateman, and 'tis granted upon all hands , that they are :moil hirable to him. An unregenerate man , is abominable and f itby,he drinks iniquity like water and yet in a qualified fenl, we may fay all this of a man regenerate: Even He,in reference to.the.remains of corruption, is abominable and filthy, and He, under fbme ditiempers and temptations , drinks iniquity like gït Ltej,he; water: which words of Eliphaz , a modern Interpreter para- rum Jobo,non lets with thofc ofPant concerning. himfelf (Imam, 7.25 ) With utimprol'o,fed theflefh Ifer.eshe Law of fin. And delivers his opinion in this ateente, cafe,That though Eliphaz aimed at Job in all this, yet he deals with himnot as with a wicked man , but as with an er ring Brother. For whereashe had Paid ( Chap, J. 23.) How many are mine iniquities ? Eliphaz might judge by his words, that Cutely he thought his iniquities were not very many : and whereas he hadlaid at the 26 Verfe of the fame Chapter,Tiuota make¡i me: topoffefs the iniquities of myyouth ; Eliphaz might .oiled, furely this man thinks his elder years have been fo free from fin , that God can finde nothing in them , which :night jutiifie him in thefefevere punifhments. Now Elipbaz oppo.feth thefe apprehenfions, and wouldboth teach and con- vince him, that as original finpollutes every man wholly till he is wafhed andborn again by the fpirit ; fono man is fo far warned by the fpirir,butthat many fpots and pollutionsofthe t1efh do flill cleave to .him, and often appear uponhits, And Eliphaz may be conceived to handleJob in this manner. Firer, To thew him, that though a man be in a -flare ofrege. nerarion, yet he can deferve nothing at the hand ofGod , be- caufe hisholinefs is frill imperfed, and his corruptions area-. bominable Secondly,