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So Chap. lg. i4, E.pófition upon the Book of JOB. Verf r4, fortifying againt the Almighty. When the Lord comes to af- fault or batter, then all our ftrong Holds even our ftrongeft holds thall be, as the Prophet fpeakes ( Nah. 3. 12. ) as the firft ripe figs which if they be fhaken fall into the mouth of the ea- ter ; andby howmuch any man is the more confident, that his ftrong hold, will hold out in the dayofaffault orbatterie, by fo much the fooner fhall it be rendred up or beaten down, as it followes in the next verfe. Verf. 14. Andhis confidence /lollbe rootedont ofhis Tabernacle, and it [hall bring him to the King of:terrors. As ifhe had Paid, though this man was fo ftrong, that hegrew confident, ( ftrong men are ufuallyconfident) yet not onely his ftrength, but,his confidencefilali be rootedout ofhis Tabernacle. His confidence. sign fignifr- The word lignifies fuck an affurance and acquiefcence of fpi- car atiqua in re rit as uts a man out of doubt ; A man of confidence loath no filer owner pofi- ;as ba6ere feare ' either ofdanger or about fucceffe ; He is not afraid that `7 tow animo con- the danger will come, or that the fucceffe will not ; he, fits goiefcere. downe fecure and feeles not the leaft paine of fo much as one jealous thought ; Confidence is the mother of fecuritie, and the daughter ofpride. His -confidencefkall be rooted out. He doth not fay, it (hall be (haken, weakened or much aba- ted , but it (hall be rooted out, or grub'dup. The wicked mans confidence is compar'd to a tree that takes roote, and fpreads it felfe in the ground, that groves up and fends forth goodly fruit- full branches; but when he hopes to devoure the fruit, the firfi- borne of death devourer hisfirength , and his confidence (hall be rooted out ; to roote out, notes totali deftrue`tion. Hence obferve ; Theworfi' of menare apt tobe confident of fgood thirr;r. Such a one Tildes' defcribes inthis Scripture, andyet he is full gasfidence, None have fogreat hopes, as theywho have leafs' rea- o have any. Some wicked men have aplerophorie (as the A- poftle fpeakes ) their fayles are fild with confidence, theyfure