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13 z Chap. t$. e.."fx Expof:tion upon the Toolc of J o s. Verl,zt. filch an ignorance as the man cannot helpe "or avoyd, there is nothing but wickedùeffe ; much more where there is this pro- felled fludied ignorance. When the Prophet Hof tots forth the g-ear iniquirieof that people , he gives this in the dole, as the cause of all, ( Hof. 4. r..) The Lord path acontroverfie with the Inhabitants of theLand ; becaofe there is no truth, nor mercie, nor knowledgeof God in the Land. It is ftrange that the Prophet Mould bring in fuch a charge againft Ifrael ; What could he fay more of the Philifrims, of the uncircumcifed Nations, and rude Barbarians, who fate in darkneffe, and in the valleyof the (ha- dow ofdeath ? What could he faymore againft them , then that there is no knowledge ofGod in their Land ? could he (peak thus tru- ly to the people of Ifrael, and fudah, Gods owne people ? Was there no knowledgeofGod in their Land ? This cannot be un- derfloodof a totals Ignorance; or as if there had been none at that time who publifhed the truth, or knowledge of God in that Land. But the meanie; is, either that there was not much knowledge of God in the Land; ( for in Scripture that which is not in force competent measure what it ought to be is Paid not to be at all) or though they had the knowledge of God, yet they oppofed thereceiving ofit, at lealt they were not zea- lous to promote it, nor careful' to walk up to it ; Now though aLand were full of knowledge, as the waters cover theSea, yet ( in Each cafes) we might fay, There is no knowledge ofGod in the Land. This want of knowledge caufed that plenty of fin, and over flowing ofwickedìteffe, for which God had a controverte with their Land. We have Inch a character of lint-nil times gi- ven (z `'hron. f 5. 3.) Now,fora longleafn, ¡frail was without the true god,and without a teaching Prie,and without-Law. They were not totally deftituteofthere, but comparatively ; There was a great negieft of teaching and expounding the Law; and then there was fo littleof God among them, that they were Paid to bewithout the true God. Wickedneffe and ignorance grow up together ; ignorance is the mother of prophaneneffe not of de- votion, as the Popiíh teachers ( with ignorance enctrgh) per- fwade their deluded Votaries. The Pfaknift (Tfal.14.2.) joynes there two together , There is none that underffandeth, or thatfeel¿- ath after God. Would you know the reafon why they did not feeke God ? it was beeaufe they did not underftand ; and (cserf. 4`1))