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Chap. 19. fsn Expofition upoxJhe Book of JOB. Verf.f, 49; Secondly, If we confider the #late of the men whom Iob charged to have reproached him ten rimes, theywere goodmen. Hence obferve; That agood man may fall often into the fame erroser. I ie that is upright may doeamitfe againe and againe, he may ten times wrongfully reproach man, and as often a&difobedi- ently towards -God ; it is no great mater to heare vile wret- ches fpeake evill and doe evil! an hundred times. They mutt needs doe much evil', and doe evill often, who being them- felves evil!, cannot but dot evil', or doe - evilly whatfoever they are doing. But 'ti: very fad ( though very pollible,) when we fee thofe who are good, yet doe evil!, efpecially when we fee them doe it often. It fbould keepe the 'heft humble, that ftül ( by reafon of their in- dwelling corruption ) they are fubjea to fall into fin, and it .Mould keepe them watchful' that they fall not. Thirdly Obferve; Reproaches make breathes, He faid before, you breake, me withyour wards, now'he'thewes Mainly what thofe words were, reproachful' words ; reproa- ches make outward breaches between friends, but he that is re- proached, lindes a breach within. Sorrow breakes him, and shame breakes him. That which caufeth Thame bath forrow -ín it ; WhenPaul wrotelharply to the Corinthians,he faith; Iwrite not theft things to Jbame you, but as beloved children to warneyou. We rebuke offenders, that we may make them :afhamed, but not to fhame them ; but reproaches are caft upon others, to fhame them, not ro make themAimed. Among-all the tryalls which Jefus Chrift underwent to breake and bruife him, re- proach was-one ofthegteatett. (Tfal.zz:6.) I am a wormand á4o man, a reproach ofmen, defpifedof thepeople .; Chrift was not -onely reproached among men, but a reproach ofmen, he was as it were reproach it Celle. TheProphet (Ifa.5o. 6,. ) fore- hewed the wonderful! tryall ofhis patience,>in bearing (hame Igave my t?aclto thefmiters,andmycheeks to them that pluckedof the hair; Ihidnot my facefrom ¡Same andfpitting,forthe-Lord will helpeme, therefore. rall Inotbeconfounded rherefore'aaveäfetmy face