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13 o Chap.'s) An Expolition opon the Book of J O B. Vert 7 that he bath been oppreffed by hard- hearted creditors, and that after fo many moneths or years ofimprifonmènt, hecan get none to right or deliver himout oftheir hand, Secondly, Some conceive him under the notion ofa woun- ded or difealed man, confined to, or fhut up inhis Chamber, to whom when Phifitians or Chirurgions come to apply me- dicines and meanes for his cure and healing, he cries out, they torture and trouble him, they hurt and vex him, they are cruel lgyprïo ;x mo to him, and will kill him. The patient cryes out ofwrongs, re :oqurrur 1,4i but the Phyfitian will not heare him ; He that is to have his corn in rrants4 flefh lanced, laments pitifully, yet he is lanced, he whole flefh is medicovenerint to be caureriz'd complaines fadly yet the fiery inffruments gclt doloribus are applyed to him,. The Artit mull Phew a kinde ofcruelty as verba quadam w inJUrroa ¡nip- ell as skill , elfe the cure is not wrought. [urn tredicum Thus fob is here reprefented, as under the Phyfitians hands, non ex judicio though indeed an experiment was to be wrought upon him fed ex ama,úu- rather then a cure. To takean experiment ofour graces, may dine ologuen put us to more Paine, then the cure ofour corruptions. An ex- tur° Phil' P* periment ( I fay ) was to hewrought on Yob to exerciseand try him, and he cryes out of wrong, as if their purpófehad been to cut his throat, or at leaf} to undoe him for ever in this world. rI yea Behold, I cry out ofwrong.] Theword which we translate to di'ore.aur alior cry oat, lignifies, properly, that cry which is caufed by the en- vehemeniiari- during of extreame -pains of body, oranguifh ofminde. Yet mi fenfa. fome apply it to the vehemency of hisSpirit, in diíputing and De difpuratiot:e plead;:7g with his friends, ( Difputants and Advocates often cum arr co, in qua nornir.é La. fall into heates and pafftonate exclamations. ) Behold l cry in &ebat perronu n this difpute and pie::: urging arguments for my felfe, and ma-7 out jardicem in- king my defence,yet none regards. I canneither finde an equall trltigit. Orig. Judge, nor .a faithful! Advocate. But I rather reflraine itto that cry, which the racke of griefe and forrow forced from him, I cry our. of wrong.] The word figni'fies any kinde ofoppreffion or Injuria_ injury. Here it may be quelioned ; fiat, ofwhom ; fec=ndly, 1uitis to whom ?ob made this spy, He cried out ofwrong. Who wronged him ? or wherein was he wronged ? I anfwer ; The wrong he cryts out of, was received amen. he doth not challengethe Almighty, that he had wronged him- c He