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Chap. 18. afin exp°fition upon the Book of J o B. Verf.z. 5 in the face or countenance. Hence force render the Proverb, .4s Iron fharpeneth Iron,fe a manfharpeneth theanger ofhisfriend. He ítirres up his paiiîon, till he growes as keen as aknife, yea, as a razor : Oppofition fharpeneth the fpirit, and forne have been fo fharpened'by it, that theyhave come telharps indeed, and when they have long contented by words, have fallen to blowes. This carries a faire fence, yet conceive thatdeareft, which reftraines thefe words to the perlon of 706 alone. But then the 'Oszære will be why he fpeaks in the Plurall number, Hew long will it be ereyee make an endofwords ? Some anfwer, Bildad fpeaks to ycb in the Plural! number, for Honoris gram,. honours fake, and in reverence to his perlon. I' find very little Cajec. realen for that, confidering he (peaks ofhim at fo low arateall the Chapter over. Secondly, One of the Ancients tells us, Bildad fpake in the Plurali number, becaufe he thought 7o6 was poí%lt with an Pravo fpirir evil! fpirit ; That evil) fpirit in the Gofpel, being asked his can Torus. name, anfwered, It is Legion, for we are many: Had ?cb been Bed. poffeffed with an evill fpirit, he might well have been fpoken to as many : I am fure, as more then a good many; But I paffe that. Thirdly, It is conceived that Bildad fpeaks Plurally, becaufe lob had his aflìtlants, feconds , and abettors in that difpute who did fomet roes put in a word, and helpe him at a dead. lift. Fourthly, I conclude, that he fpeakes to 7á/i alone, in a .Quad ctim j°to. Word of the Plural! number, according to the common and Jobs diputaus familiar ufage or idiom of the Jewifh Language, rather then room appeller from any fpeciall refpe& intended to his perfon, or the plura. "u'1e'° úr lity of his Aflittants ; How long will it it ere you make an endof a,, familia, e,n words ? lingua Hebras The mater of this first claufe, hath been opened upon thole confuerudinem, words of 7ophar (Chap. I I. 2, 3. ) Should not the multitude t'`'am ad illiur ofwords be anfwered ? and fhéuld amanfull oftalky be jr: (lifaed ? E'one it grave a'fyuo! mrave Where 'twas (hewed, that words without matter, ayerv, empty turn refe;en. difcourfes are very burdenfome to an underftandiug care : How, dun elf. long will it be ereyou male an endoy words ? There is the firit Pined. charge, talkativenefle or unprofitableneffe in his fpeech. Hts fecund.. charge- is carelefneffe, and negledt of what his friends r