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22 Chap. r8. expofition upon the Book.of J o s. Verf.4 Lord ofhofís is his name. What follówes? If tlhofe Ordinances departfrom beforeme,then thefeedof Ifrael alfofballceafefrom be- inga 2(etion before me for ever. As ifhe hadPaid, when Ichange theOrdinances ofheaven, ofthe Sun, Moon, and Starres, then will I take my mercy from Ifrael; I will never doe theone, therefore I will not doe theother. The Lordpromifed at the re- newing of the Covenant with man, gen. 8. ult. That day and night,fummer and winter,Jhould not ceafe while the earth remain- ed. Now faith the Lord, ifyou can make me toalter the courfe of the heavens, of the Sun, Moon, and Starres, then I may doe this againft my people. Wehave the like affurance givenler. 3 3. 25. Where the Lord from that confederation ofthe fetledneffe of the frame ofnature, argueth the fetledneffeof his owne Co- venant ofgrace, and Promife ofmercy to his people. Thus all) we may argue, in reference to his Juftice, that you fhall as loon get the (tars blotted out ofheaven, the Rocks removed,the earth forfaken, as God will forfake the right diftributions of Juftice towards man. It was faid ofaman, and he but a Heathen, That the Sun might as eafily beflayed, or turnedafide, as hefromdoing right. Howmuch more is this true of the righteous God, with whom there is no fhadow ofturning ? And thoughwe cannot fay to any man, as cob's friends to him ; If God punifh you not fboner or later here in this world, he mutt alter the whole courfe ofhis judiciary-adminiftrations ; yet we may fay tomany,ifGod fave you eternally, he mutt alter the whole courfe ofhis merci- full adminífrations ; he molt make a new Gofpel, yea a new Chrift, if you attaine eternall Salvation. For by the rules of the prefent Gofpel, andby the way which Chrift bath already ma- nifefted to fave finners, you cannot be faved, howmuch foever you prefumeof falvation : Shall the Gofpel be forfaken for you, or fhall the Promife be removed out of its place, which as it is more immoveable thena Rock in helping thofe that turne to God and believe,_ (Ifa. 54. i o.) fo it will move no more then a rock towards the helpofthofe who Bill turne fromGod, and continue in unbelief. Shall the rock be removed out ofhisplace ? Thus much ofthe Preface. Bildadhath fpoken to the perlon, and reproved him; he now (peaks to his ceufe. 0 B.