Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v6

Chap, i 8. an expofition upon the Tookof J O B. Ves . 6. ter is fpent, and the fuel! which it works upon confumed. Thus every mans candle goes out, his Candle wafts wafts it felfewhile it fhines to him. Secondly, A Candle goes out by violence, when it is blowne out : So we mull underhand the Text ; The wicked mans Candle {hall not be left to confume, and weare it felfe out He, and his ; he, andhis publick light ; he, and his family- light; he, and his poflerity-light that! be put out before they arewafted out. This Bildad reckoned as the portion of rob, and it is the portion of every wicked man ; 'cis that which is due to him, that which he deferves, though he doth not aiwayes receive prefent pay according to his de- ferts. So much of the firft Allegory, by which 73i/dad illuftrates the dark conditionofa wicked man, his light, the fparkof his fire,and his candle are put out. The Context ofthe foure Verfes following, thew the mifery of wicked men, under a fecond Allegory, of hunting and fow- ling : where we have to doe with nets and fnares, with a grin, and with a trap ; all which are implements and engines belong-. ing to fowlers andhunters, withwhich beans andbirds are enfna- red and taken. The miferyof the wicked man is here fet downe two wayes. Firft, In general! ; The reps of hisf/rength Ilia& bef/raitned. Secondly,We have the fpeciall wayes how this fhall be brought to paffe. Firft, He (hall bringhimfelfe into a fnare, as is (hewed in the latter end of the 7 h verle, and in the 8th ; His owne counfell¡hall cafl him donne ; he(hall be call inio a net by his ownefeet, and he walketh upon afnare. Theman runs into it alone; ifthere be none to drive him into the net, he will haften into it if no man fet fnares forhim, he will fet a fnare for himfelfe ; he mutt be catcht. That's the firft way, how his peps come to be ftraitned, he him- felfe Praitens them by his owne counfels. Secondly, If this wicked man fhould not goe into the fnare; yet he thatl foone he brought into it. (verf 9, I o.) The grin. (halltape him by thehale, and the robbers _Mall prevaile againft! him. The fnare is laid for him byothers, many are contriving the methods ofhis deftration ; there are traps fet in his way, and he cannot efcape. So that either he fhall doe it himfelfe, or ifhe don 3 I