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Chap.18. eon E'xpGfstian upon the 7cok of J o B. Verf. ro. Verf. 1o. Thefnare is laidfor him in theground, and a trapfor him in the way. . Hereare twowords of a different roote ; for though we tran- tnri f nii flatefnare, as in the former verfe, yet the original! varies ; our luring ndo Jex language is not copious enough for the Hebrew in this particu- lar. The word which here we tranflate a fnare, fgnifies proper- ly a coard or rope, and it comes very neere ¡ti found to our Eng lifli word c.ble, which is a great rope, becaufe ropes and coard ftraiten andhold Taft as a fnare Both. The word is metaphori- cally applyed to cruel Creditors, who will be Pure to rye their debtors fait as with a coard, that they (hall not get ioofe : it fig nifies alfo a pledge, or an earneft ; becaufe that ryes us to per- formance. -The other word that we tranflate a trap, is derived from a t`rotm roote which figniftestocatch, to fnapfuddenly ; The trap is laid cnpi1z^ capret in the way ; that's another engine, by which hurtful' Creatures e notat. are taken by hunters. Here are varietpófexpreflións, all tending omnia qus a to the fame thing. Reade the like congregating of there words, Cete ref anent PP/. 140. S J,Jai. 24 17, t 8. h'e ekeruntur,, The trap is laydfor him in the way . d per etrgan, rem coo6;to That is, iris let cunningly, clofely, and 'fecretly it is hid for eadern fe- him ; fo tome tranflate. re re, piurrbur; And how is it hid ? fertentas am- It is a hidden trap two wayes. p'.f,Rtttr. Firft By the cunning skill of him that layes it ; He layes it !''led. with care, and that it may not be difcovered, he covers it with leaves, or thadowes it withboughes. Secondly , It may be fayd to be bidden in reference to their blindneffe who are taken with it To a blind man all dangers are hiddendangers; theyare laid clofe , though they be laid o- pen; efpecially when there is a judiciary blhnditeffe upon men, that is, whenGod blindes them on purpofe that they may fall in- to the net and the fnare. Solomon tells us, ('Pros/. r . 17. ) Jss vaine ù the net fjread in thefight ofany bird; therefore fnares and traps are layd in fecret ; for, in vaine ù the net f rèad in thelight ofanybird. Which may be taken two wayes. Ertl , We may referee the word in vaine, to the bird; as if- he had Paid, it will nothelp the bird, or caufe the bird to :with- draw