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Chap. 18. eAn E'xpofition upon the Book, of Jos. Verf. r r. 59 Thus farce Bildad defcribes the wicked mans fall, tinder the Allegory of Hunters and Fowlers, with their fnares, traps, coards, and grinnes. V E B. s. 11, I2, 13, 14, 15. II. Terrorspill makehim afraidon everyfide, andfsall drive him to Nsfeete. 12. His firengthPail be hunger biiten ; anddeJir;i ion [bank ready at his fide. 13 it fha11 d. your thefirength ofhis skin, even theferjt- born ofdeathfhall devour hisfIrengtb. 14. His confidencefhall be rooted out ofhis Tabernacls, and it Tall bring him to thekingofterrors. 15. Itpalldwell in his tabernacle,becaufit is noneafhis: brief ioueflan befeat teredupon his habitation. THis Context containes the third Allegory, under which Bildad fhadowes out the miferable hate of awicked man, Allegoria abeA+- which he doth with a very tragicall file , in allufion unto a pro- empio forrii re- ceeding at, as divers Interpreters hate the intendment of vMm, 9Hirfra thefe words. And this is purfued and fet forth gradually three nibru ccrknrur. wayes. Ertl By thofe perplexities, griefes and gripings which fol- low Jon. the wicked while they live, ( ver. I r, Ii. ) Secondly, By the torments of their diffolution, (ver. i 3, 14.) wherewe have thefirfi-borne ofdeath, and theking of terrors , to whom theman is brought to receive his doome. Thirdly , From that wrath and vengeance which is p6wred out, not onely upon their perlons, but upon their elates, houles, and families, when they are dead, and taken out of the world, at the 15 ch verf; ItAafi dwell in his tabernacle ( when he (hall be call out of his dwelling, and) brim/tone( ball befcattared upon his habitation. That I may not interrupt the opening of tiefe words in making out the Allegory upon every pafrage, I fhall thew it briefly upon thewhole in five particulars. 12 Firff,