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Chap. i8 e4n Expofition upon the 73ookof Jos. Veif z I. 61 himof thefirft-borne ofdeath, andofthe kingofterrours. From all which Bildlid feemes to argue the matter thus a- gainft him in the prefent Allegory. Onely wicked menare terrified and tormented withfcares of de- ftrue`t%on,with the killing thoughts of thefirft-borne ofdeath,with the dreadfull apparitions ofthe king ofterrours. But thus it is with thee by thy own confelfion. lheref ore thouart a wickedman, thouart an hypocrite, andunto thee ofright all theft evillsdoe belong So much of the Allegory in general!. I fhall now open the termes and parts of it diftindly. Vert', i t . TerroursJball make him afraid on everyfide. The word which we tranflate Terrours , fignifies extreame terrours, fuch as putaman out ofhis wits, ormake himnot him- felfe Thus it is faid ( Sam 16. 14. ) concerning Saul, that the Spirit ofthe Lord wentfromhim , and an evillfjiirit from theLord troubled or terrifiedhim. There is a twofold terrour. There is a terrour from without, and a terrour from within. Terrour fromwithout, is the evil! which we feele ; the terrour from within, is the evil! which wefufped or feare. The Text is chiefly to be underñood of the later fort of ter-. tours, Terrours /ball make him afraid; Though he be full ofout- ward trouble, yet inward trouble fhall be molt troublefome and vexatious. Thedeadly arrow (hall dwell in his fide, and the forrowes of death (hall take hold of him before death comes neere him. He dyes alwayes, that lives always in the feare of death. Thefe terrours are conceiv'd by force to be nothing elfe but the af3lidions, twitches,and flings of confcience, which heathen Poets call Furies ; Thefe they fancied continually hurrying and vexingnotorious offenders, bloudy and treacherous men Such they fuppofed poffeft with furies, which were nothing elfe but díf quietmentsofconfcience, when guilt riling up, lookedgaftly up - Nor genesalirer on them, and flared them in the face. gno:eunelt term-- Others interpret thefe terroursr of Devils, or evil! fpirits-; 'e1 inteLigimus Terrours (hull make himafraid ; That is, evil! fpirits ternñe him, eifi magna ji This differs little from the former ; for he may truly be faid to Satana,'kú be. tentar. Merc..