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Chap. 18. erfn expefatien upon the Book of Jo E. Vert; 12, 75 penalty is let and determined by the Law. Deftraction is ready Forte pares according to jultice for the offender; It is ready, as it followes d.f'uf[ro elf in the Text. pu °a maul:- co eift hisfide. t r : [egróus. (g preparetumfo. Some of the Rabbins , who interpret the former word 041. Pined: Strength,for Children (as was toucht before) in purfuiteof that, interpret hisfade, for, his wife. The Hebrewword fignifieseither the fide or the rib ; hence 'tis rendered, Deflruélian ¡hall be ready at his rib, or, upon his rib ; that is, deftru&ion fhalí be upon his wife, who was a rib takenout of Man ( Gen. 2,21.) Thus the Rabbins defcant upon it ; His ffrength, that is, his children fhall be hunger- bitten and deflruElion ¡hall be ready at hisfade, that is, it fhall waite upon his wife whether foever thee goes. So here is a defcription of compleate deftru&ion. The wicked man, in hisperfon, as alto in his wife and children fhall be de- ftroyed. Others expound it onely of wounds in his own fide or rib. In thebooke of Samuel we reade of wounds given under the fift rib, becaufe there wounds are molt killing and deadly. Another reades it in the Concrete, not deflrullionJhall be ready EfiaEsr pari. at his fade, but the Deflrayer'ballbe ready at his fade; His enemy acsad coffas. fhall waite on him todeftroy him. But the abftrac`t hath a grea- terforce and elegancy. To fay, deftruftion f uall be ready at his fide, is more then to fay, the deftroyer fhall be ready at his. fide. Therefore fourthly, all that I conceive lyes in this expreffi- on, ( DefitrnElian /hall be readyat hisfade) is this,to fhew that he shall have a fuddain and anunavoydable deftru&ion ; for thofe evills which are at our fide, are fo neere us that we can hardly Latr dilli acquit our felves of them. Evills at a diftance may be avoyd- rant quajlace- ed, but if they come up dole to our very fides how can wee rnnet, latent e- efcape ? min ad injdiai et exlaterea Some Criticks tell us that latro theLatineword for a theefe, ria,u,r. is quafi latero becaufe he lyes by fide of a man, he skulks in a flabere aliquid bufh or rides clofe by the travellers fide talking with him, ad manure & and then falls upon him ; that's allo the. elegancy of theHe- queztñuta m- braifine. l fß habere a!iquid L z Hence proximurn. Sold: