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Chap. 18. An espofition upon the Bookof JOB. Verf 13 77' fhadowes this in two Allufons, (1 Their. 5. 2,3.) Foryour(elves knowperfally that the day of theLord [o cometh as a thief e in the night ; for when they fballfay,peace andfafetj, then fuddaine de- ftrullion cometli upon them as travaile upon a woman with childe, and they pull act efcape.The theefe gives no warning,and the tra- vaile ofa woman with childe,many times gives, as little. Now as in the great day of ;judgement, God will come as a theefe, and as pane upon a woman with childe, fo alto in the leffer dayes of judgement, thofeofthis life. Obi.erve, thirdly ; There it no running away from that defruftionwhich God f nds Can a man run from his fide ?- deitrudion is at the fide ofa firmer ; where ever his fide is, theredefrutdion is Evills which have a Commiilion from above, never faile to finde the offen- der; we may e.'ape the evill which manplots, man may make . ready a thoufand deaths for us, and we out-live them all ; as 'Paul faithofhimfelfe;In Damafcacs, the çovernour under Aretas the Icing, kept the Citywith a Garrifon, defirotu to apprehend me : And thorow a -window in a basket, was I let downe by thewall, and efcap't his hands. Paulgot cleare away, though man laid deftru- dion at his fide; but if God lay deftruttion, there is no win- dow to get out at, nor basket to be let downe by ; we can nei-. ther Rand beforethe judgements of God, nor out-run them. Verf. y 3. It fhall devoure thefirengthofhis skin, &c. The 13thand 1q.111 verses containe the orftepof . the miseryof a wicked man. It (hall devoure the firengthof his skin. Deftruttion was readyat hisfide, in theformer verse, now it devoures ; theword fignifies tofwallowup at a bit and fo to devoure as to confume and bring to nothing; it notes thofe confumptions which fire and fword make. They are terrible confumers, cruell devourers ; thefe íhall devoure like a hungry moníter. The firength ofhis skin. The originali word which we tranflate.firength, fignifies pro- 1.11V "12 perly a bough or branch ofa tree ; it lignifies allo the barre of a.doore. And