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Chap. 22. An .Expofition upon the B®oke of J o a. Vol. 12. 163 JOB, CHAP. 22. Vert 12, 13,14.. is not God in the height ofheaven and beholds the height of the Starres how high they are. And thou fayefl, How cloth Godlnow ? can he judge th rcugh the darkcloucl ? Thick clouds are a covering to him,that heTeethnot, andhe walketh in the circuit ofheaven. IN the former part ofthis Chapter, we have found Eliphaz charging lob with thole hainous crimes, injuflice and un- charitableneffetowards man ; in thefe three verfes heproceeds to charge himwith a higher crime, even irreligioufneffe and im.. piety againft God; as if (at leaft) ?ob doubted, ifnot denied the providence of God about what is done here below, or affirmed that he neither rewarded the righteous according to their good, nor punífheth tie wicked according to theevil) which they have done. That's the fcope of this context, in which we may obferve. Firft, A twofold truth held forth. Secondly, A wrong fuggeftionof two errors, as arifing from thefe truths. Thirdly,. An indeavour toprove and makegood, what he had wrongfully fuggetied. Thefe two truths are contained in the 12th verle ; firff, God le in the height ofheaven ; fecondhThe Stars are veryhigh; theta are cleare truths ; from thele Elrphaz makes a wrong fuggeftion as iffob upon thofe grounds of Gods beingin the height of hear ven, &c. had pleafed hirrifelfewith this conceit, that God could. not (at filch a diftance) take notice ofwhat paffeth among, or is . atft.ed bymen in this inferiour world. (Ver. 13.) And thoufayefi, howdohGodknob ? can he judge through the darke cloud ? As if he had laid, God being in the height of heavens cannot know, much leffe judge concerning the irate of things here below Whywhat fhould hinder? He tells us what in the 14th verfe, where (which was the third . thing) he endeavours to prove his fuggeftion ; Thick clouds are a cove