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Chap. 22. 4os Expofition upon the Book, of JOB. Verf. t 2. pi 3 Scripture- truth ftandeth firme. The Lord is fo in the height of heaven, that he iseverj where alto here upon the earth. Fromwhich take thefe two Dedu&ions. Fir$, Seeing the Lord leevery where prefent,ire fbouldbeevery where holy. For wherefoever he is, he is the holy Lord; That was the charge which God gave to eslbrabane ; Walk before me, andbe upright ; As ifhe had Paid, Wherefoever thou walkett, walk as having me prefent with thee, and be upright in my pretence. I (faith David, a typeofChrift, ¶fal. 16. 8.) have fee the Lord almayes before me, he is at my right band, I/hall not be moved. He that by faith eyes God continually as his prote&or in trou- ble, (hall not bemoved with any evill that he fuffers, and he that eyes God by faith as his pattern in holineffe (hall not be moved from doing that which is good. This thought, The Lord is at cur right hand, keepes us from turning either to the right hand or to the left. It is Paid of Enoch, that he walked with gCsei, (Gen. 5. 22,,) and though_ the Hiffory of his life be very ()tort, yet'tis Paid ofhim a fecond-time (ver. 24.) That he walked with god. He walked fa mach with God, that he walked as God, he did not walke ( which kinde of walking the Apoftle reproves, 1 Cor. 3.3) as men. He walked fo little, like the world, that his flay was little in the world. He was not (faith the Text) fo. God toókhim. He took him from the world to hirn- felfe, or (as the Author to theHebrerees reports it) he was tran- flated that he /hould notfeedeath,for he received this teflimonl that he pleated g,d. Secondly, It followeth ;ifGod be every where prefent, That the godly are never out of the reach ofGod to kelp them, and that the wickedarenever outof the reach of God to puni(h e them. (Ira. 43.2.) when thoupafeft through thewaters,I willbe with thee, and when thou walkeft throughthe f re,tbou shalt not'be burnt. The pretence of God is the prote&ton of Saints in the eviri which they Puff r; and they who doevirl cannot be hid from his punifhing pretence. There is no running from God. It is faid ofJonah (Chap. 1; 3.) That he fledfrom the prefence of God, Q. Whether