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To theChriflian Reader. hatb trassfportedme topre forat leafy anami- .cable carrying onne, if.not an endofall our dif putes ; and that ( as the itpoflle advifeth ) freaking the truth ( andfor the truth or Truth- ing it) in love, we may grow up into him in all things, which is the head even Chrif ; From whom the whole body fitly joyned together andcompa&xed by that which every joynt fiup- plyerh, according to the eff'eauall workingof every part, maketh encreafe ofthe body to the edifying of it felte in love. Love is a knitting, and therefore an increafing grace. That which uniteth many in one,mnft needs edifie That one, which is the refult offuch a union. Asfaith is that Grace by whichwe receive all from God, lo love is thatgrace by which we conveigh and divide good among ourfelves. There is not the leafyjoynt in the myflicall body ofChrifi, butgi- veth forcefupply to the whole, becaufe logic is the ligament of it. As we can want nothing while (as the Apoflle Jude exhorts) we keep our felves in the loveot Cod, ( whether we una cterfiandhimofthe love ofGodto u4., or ofour love to God, makes no difference as to this scat- ter) fowe can hardly want any thing,while we keepe our f felves inthe love ofone another. That all who love the Lordjef ìßs Chrifi infincerity may,