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146 Chap, 22. 1fn Expefition upon the Took fJOB. Verf. 16. Narration the Pfalmift hints at in his inprecation, as is plaine by that word'guickor alive ; Let themgo down quick (or alive) into hell ; that is, set fuch wrath teaLe upon them, as feazed up- on Corah, `Dothan and A6iram, on whom the earth cl:fed and they perifhedfrom among the Congregation. Again,when the Apo file makes promife toSaints in the behalfofChrift what affiflance they might expel from him in time of temptation, and what ifiue from it, he thusafures them ; The God ofpeace (hall tread "Satan underyourfecte forth, (Rom. 16. 20. ) Which plainly beares upon that firft grand Promife, that ( Chrift) the feed of the Woman fhould breakthe Serpents bead (Gen. 3.15.) for it is by vertue ofthat aft ofJefus Chrift bruiting the head ofSatan, that Satan is trodden under our feet. As Chrift bruitedhim un- der his owne fette, fo be will bruife , or tread him under our fette ; the feede of the woman in perfon, as well as in their reprefentative, !hall breake the Serpents head. Laftly, thofe. words ( Rom, 9. 16.) hold a cleare correfpondence with that Story (Gen. 27.) concerning 7accb and Efau, So then it is neeof him that wi'!rth, nor ofhim that runneth, but of God thatfheweth mercy. He had Paid before that godloved 7acob and bated Efau; and concludes upon it, So then, it it not of him that willeth. &c. We may take notice in that famous peice of the divine Hifto- ry, that much meanes was ufed that yaco6 might obtaine the Blefling; Rebeckaher heart was let upon it; the did what the could to procure the Blefling for her younger Sonne, her will was wholly in it ; and 7accb, he run for it too ; for as foone as Ever his mother had given him counfell, he ran prefently to the flock and brought in a Kid to make the favoury meat for Ifaac ; Now the Apoflle Patti to advance the freeneffe ofgrace, loth not onely iniance in thofe two perlons, but ufeth a of fpeech which favours to much of that paffage, that . though he had not named the men, yet every man who knew the Scriptures muff needs underftand both of whom and of what he meant it; h is not cf him that willeth,&c. that is, it was neither Rebeckaes will tohave it fo, nor yacebi haft ( which ap., peard in his running to the flock) to have it fo, that gave him theBleffing, but it was ofGod that fhewed mercy. And as it was then, fo it is now, though a man be as willing as Rebec kak, or though hemake as much fpeedas 74coi for his bleffing, yet,