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ISO Chap. 22,. do expcfLion upon the Book,ofJ O R. Verf at once, Though God give long warning of his judgements,yet moil men are furprized with them, they come like a flood. Secondly, To note the Irrefiflablenerfe ofthe Judgements of God ; whoor what can stand before mighty waters ? Great floods doe tot onely wain and overflow all, hut ruine and over- throw ali,there's ne refitting. Such are the Judgements ofGod, they are a flood both for their fuddain riling and breaking in upon (Inners, and likewife for their Irrefiflible violence in break., ing and ruining them. Further, It is not to be paired by, That Eliphaz doch not onely fay, They wereoverfvne, but, Theirfoundation mar over- florrne with a flood. He calls it the overflowing of their founda- tion, to note, that they were totally or utterly ruined and over. throwne : for when the foundation is deftroyed, all is deilroy- ed ; deftruftion to the foundation is the wort./ of dettruáions. Thecruel enemies of the?ewes cryed, Rafeit, rafe it even to the foundation thereof(Pf. z 3 7. 7.)but to rare the foundation it felfe is more cruell then railing to the foundation. When the Lord threatned a full and final! deflruaion of thofe foolifh Prophets who had Peen vain vifiona for his people, he Paid (.Etek,, r3. zq..) Iwill brake down the wall that ye havedaubed wit It untempe- red morter, and bring it dorm to theground, /o that thefoundation thereo f Jhall be difcovered, &c. That is, I will deftroy it as faire as deflru&ion it felfe can go. There !hall not only not a Hone be left upon a Rone of this building above ground, but even the under- groundRones (hall not be left. The very foundati- on (hall be opened and difcovered. That which lyeth at the bottome, or the bottome it felfe of thofe flattering prophecies, all the wiles & fecret waysof them (hallbe revealed.Davidcom. plaints ofthofe irreparablebreaches made upon the civil! Rate in this Rile (Tfal. It. 3.) Ifthe foundation, be doflroyed,what can the righteous doe? The civil!foundationofa'Nation or people, is their Lawes, and Conftitutions, the order and power that is among them, that's the foundation ofa People, and when once this foundation is deflroyed, what can the righteous doe ? what can thebell, the wifef in the world doe in fuch a cafe ? what can any man doe, iftherebenot a foundation of Government left among men ? There is no helpe nor anfwer in inch a cafe, but that which followes in the 4th verfe of the famePfalme; The ii