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a 5z Chap. 22. An Expofition upon the Bock of JOB. Verf.16. upon fuch perpetual) hills of power and policy, thatcertainly her foundation fhall fever be cvei flowne. Thus the rpake her heart out, while the [aid in her heart (Rev. 18. 7.) I fit a ueere, andam no sviddow,and/hatIfee no [orrore. Babylon is bot- tom'd and foundational upon fo many hills, that is,upon fo many Interetis and advantages offtrergth, asrender her (to her felfe ) impregnable and unremoveable. And as this vaine confidence beares up the Spirit of that Manof fin, fo of very many finfull men, who prefume they are upona lure foundation when in- deed none but the godlymans foundation is lure. (Pro. lc). 25.) As the rehirlewindpaffeth, fo ù the wickedno more, but the rigba tecus isan everlaflingfoundatian.The wicked man fuppofeth him. felfe founded as on a Rock of ages an everlafting Itrength , fuch as the righteousman hash inGod, or fuch as God is to a righteousman(Efay 26.3 )Tet as the »hirlewindbe pafrethaway, but the righteous ïe an everlafling foundation. We find not the Copulative word, is, expreffed in the Hebrew,there'cis only, but therighteous anEverlaftingfoundation ; So that I fbould rather read it thus; But the righteous have an everlafling foundation : wicked men feeme to have, but the righteous man indeed bath an EverlaPingfoundation. There is no earthly foundation ever. falling; For all earthly things paffe away, and are fo farre from lofting for ever, that they lit but (as it were) for a little, for a moment. What then is this everlafting foundation ? It is a foundation laid in heavenly things ; The foundation which is laid in things above (hall abide; The things which are not Peen, and theyonely, are eternall (z Cor. 4.18. ) but the frongeft foundation laid in things below, endures but for a feafon , The thingswhich are[ten, are temporali, as'the Apoftle fpeakes in the fame place. Such foundations are foon overflown with a flood. Aswill appear yet further in the next obfervation ; Which take thus ; Thefloodandfi'ormofGods anger willoverflow all thefoundati- ons, thefffrongeflfoundations ofwickedmen, Their riches, their power, their wifedome, their Connects, whatfoever they have imagined, laid and made fora foundati- on to themfelves, either of honour or fafety, !hall be over. flown and (wept quite away; yea all their refuges laid toge- ther