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'$4 Chap; 22. An E potion upon the Bookof JOB. Verf. 16. God ; and*hile many difcover themfelves tobe veffels of dif- honour in the hot<fe ofGod,wood and Earth, ofbafeand brittle materials ; yet Saints, indeed, who are veffels of honour made of pureft metal, ofGold and Silver, there fháll abide for ever. He that is orcea veffel of honour, (hall alwayes be ío, For thefcttn- dation of Godftandethlure, baying thi3.Seale, The Lord knoweth *ohoare his. Secondly As there is this more hidden foundation, upon which Saints are fure, and which no flood can over flow; fo there is another fure foundation, and that is 7efats Chrif upon which Saints are built, and therefore the holy Prophet having discovered that refuge of lyes which he threatens fhould b , fweptaway by the overflowing fcourge, fub;oynes by way ci Oppofition in the next verf: ( 28, t 6.) Therefore that, faith the LordGed, Behold, I,lay,in Sion :or a_foundation a (#one, a tryed fl ne,aprecioots.cernerftone,a farefsundation,and he that beleeveth: ,(hall not make hat, V horn the Prophet means by this `furefoun- dation, the Apotle tells us expreffelyand by name (a Cor. 3.. a t .)Other foundation can no noun lay then that which is laid,which to ?elmCorrft ; and they that are built on him the living Rock (as all Beleevers are) have eternal! life, and fhall never perifh.. This Ghriat himfelfe teacheth us (t''attb. 7. 24125.) bbofoe-. ver hearetb theft' fayiu?s(af mine and dodo them, 1 will liken hint to ,o: rife man that built his Iosafe upona Rock. And what's the Rock that thefe wife men build upon 2 This rock is. Jefus Chrift he is the rock.ofAges ; He fayles not, nor can they fall who are, in him .; as itfolloweth ; Then the raine defcended, thefloods came, the winds blew and beat upon the boufe,"& itfelnot,fcr it wasfc en ded on a rock, Saints are lively Roues, and they coming to Chrifi (by faith) who is a living frene, diffalewed indeedofmen, but chufen of gedand preciosrs,arebuilt upafpirituall boufe (a Pet. 2.4, 5.) If ttr'is hoatfe fhould fall, Chrift muff fall too, for though Chrift and this diode are diftinguifhed , yet they are not divided ; Chrift and this bode are one; So then though the floods of an- gry men, and ofenraged Devils beate upon ir, yet they !hall re return foamingOut their own flame, and when they have done these worst, they Than but wafh thisboufe, leaving it fome- whalt mere cleane, bpt no whit unfetled. This is the glory and, priviledgeofleleevers,_.ehat while the ltrongeft foundattw ohs