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Chap. 22. An Expofstion upon the Book of JO B. Vert. I. hits #iitlachritrsïoùoSo/i AcitnI lanI nik #iùi&iiyi+ageIaL e /1"1 Rx710041 IPIPOVErfi WIV E iFVEFEV fii*ems AN EXPOSITION WITH Praticall Oblervations UPON The Twenty-two, Twenty-three. Twenty., foure, Twenty five, and Twenty-fix Chap. cers oftheBooke of JOB, JOB,Chap. 22. Verf. I, 2,3, 4. t. Then E:iphazthe lemanite anfw redandfaid, 2. Can a man be, profi'tableunto God, as he that is wife may be profitable unto himfelfe ? 3. Is it any pleafure to the Almighty that thouart teous?or is itgain to him that thou makeß thy wayes,per- feU ? 4. Will he reprove thee for fear ofthee ? or will he enter with thee intojudgment ? L I THAZ now enters his third and Taft contefl with 7:4 ; in which fome tell us that be beh verb himfeife like a man who feeks Vie`fory rather then Truth: who though he bath been fufficiently an{wered, ye will not Item to be overcome; yea that he takes up the lame weapons to maintain this third, with which he maintain'd his two former Encounters ; The firit in the fourth and firth Chap rent, and the fecond in the 15 tlr as jibe were refolved to con. ß tradi t