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i o Chap, 2a. An expofition upon the Too{ of J o B. Verf. Yet a little further, I (hall demonftrace that a man cannot be profitable to God. irfl, Godhad all perte&ion before man was, therefore man cannot profit God. `Pfal. 90. 2. From everizfting, and to ever- /offing thou art god, that ìs, ti!ou art ic:fi ;ite in glory and excel- lency from everlalling. God was Godas much before there was a creature, ashe bath been corer lince the creatures were ; there- fore creatures adde nothing at all co hire. 2. All the goodnelfe and profi able:,eff° of man cosier from God, therefore no pr. fit goes unto God from man : that's the Apotlles argument, Aft" a7. 7g. where he thews that man cane not advantage God, no' not by worship He ù not aaorfhpedwith sensbands as though he neededdny tárug. What, doe you think God callech for your worth!), becau e he needs your worship ? or as if he could not teil how to 1). without yourworship? No- thing lefie ; Seeing hegivoeb raa<Ilifcasd breath and all things. He that gives all things to all Wren, needs nothirgof any man : heres t. e poll les argument, the Lord givethout all things, life, breath,an..i all comforts whatfoever toall men, therefore he needs nothing of any man, no not the worshipof any man. i Cor. 4.7. The Apoflie gus that reafon againfl boafting : what haft thou that thin haft .g,t received, wherefore then daft thou boaft ? When doe men boy,'?even when they think they have done God a good. turn. what i6Hfi thou that thou haft not received ? therefore why d,ft thou boaft ea ifthou had 11 not received it. What can he receive ofus from whomwe receive our all ? And thoughwe mrft returne all to him in a way of thankfulneffe and duty, yet god needs not that wefhould return any thing to him in a way of largenefe or fupply. 3. Take this demoniiration of it ; they who live much in God, even they ( upon the matter) need little or nothing ofthe crear cure ; they ( upon the matter) are Independent as to the crea- ture who depend fully upon the Creator. The good or evill of this world is not much to them, who are much with God. They have but little to doe with the Creature, and can doe well enough without the creature. (Hab. 3.17.) Al- though the figtree(hall not bloffom,neither /hallfruit be in the vines, the labour of the Olivefhallfaile, andthefields (hallyeeldno meate ; thefiockfball be cut ciffrom thefold, and there (ball be no herd in the