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z,2 Chap. zz. An expofition upon the 'Book of J o B. Verf. 2.. none fhould dare to come to God in their own worthineffe, fo tone fhould fear to come toGod becaufe of their unworthineffe. We fhould notbe difcouraged, though as yet dead and fruitleffe, though vain and unbelieving ; Theworft ofmen fhould not keep off from God, becaufe they are unprofitable, .teeing the belt cannot profit him. Ifwe have done much it is nothing to the Lord and ifwe have done nothing, it is no barr to he Lords doing much for us. Go d willnot turn us back becaufe we bring him nothing, nay he invites us to come without any thing (Efa. 55. a.. ) Ho every one that thirfleth, come to the Waters, buy, &c. Eiere is buying, but for what ? for profit ? no, but come 6u' wine & milke without money and without Price. God loth not expec`2 any profit ; there is a kinde of buying, but its not for money, nor for mercyworth. As the Lord fometimesfells his people, fo he al- wayes fells his graces and comforts, for naught (Pfal. 44. r 2. ) Thcufelleff thypeople for naught, anddo fl not encreafe thy wealth by theirprice. That is, thou leaven thy people under miferies and afflidtions, by which it doth not appear that thou getteft any honour. Now as the Lord doth fometimes fell his people, fo he alto fells his mercy and grace to his people (as to any de- fert oftheirs) for naught ; he fells without money and without price, therefore be not difcourag'd iiyou have nothing ofyocr. own of any worth to p:efent unto him. Say not, wh re- with ¡hall we before the Lord ? The pooreryou come in your own thoughts, the richer you fhall returne ; For ke filleth the hungry with good things, but the rich hejendeth empty away. Fourthly, if man cannot be profitable unto God, then our gifts and parts, yea our holineffe and graces doenot make us, neceffary unto God. God may fay unto the great Ones of the Earth, I haveno needofyou, and to the rich I have no needof you, and to the wife, I have no needof you ; yea he may fay unto the godly and to the holy, I have no need of you neither. There is no creature neceffary to God, feeing he cannot only (as we fay) live, but live in the heights, of happineffe without the Creature Fiftly,Ifno man can be profitable unto Cod,thenwhatfoeverGod requires ofus, he aimes at our profit, and not at his own ; all is for us, or for our good, which will appear more fully in the ope.