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Chap. 2.2. An Expofîtion upon. the Book! of J o°a. Verf. 5 39, that offending brother, who having been told his fault; firer, by that brother alone whom he bath offended ; fecondly, by him and two more afTociated as witnefes ; thirdly, then, by the Church gathered in the name of Chrift.(M4ttb. i 8 16, r 7.) But ifhe will not heave thee, then takeone or two more, that in the mouth oftwo or three witneffes, every wordmay be efhabli/hed : and if he fh:sil negletf'to hear them, tell it to the Cburck:hnt if he negleE tohear the Church, let hies be unto thee as an heathen man and a. publicane. It ie dangerous enough tofin againfi a rule, but'tee more dangeroru tofin againfi a reproofe ; ejecially againfi the reprocfe of a.whole Church. Fourthly, When we fin<in the fight of udgeenents upon our . felves, or others, whether for the fame; or other fns : This is as if a thiefthould áeal before the Judge, or under the gibbet while he feethothers arraigned or executed for ftealing,Ir is very evil to fin againft Judgements threatned,but it is far worfe to fin againft Judgements executed: That wrath which is revealed from hea- ven againft all unrighteoufneffe to the ear in the word of God, fhould flop us from fin, much more that which is revealed to the eye in the workesofGod. Fiftly, When we fin againft our own promifes not to fin,when our own words condemne us, as well as the word, of God, this ftaynes every finwith a=double guilt. Sixtly, The greatning of a fin is from the repeating ofit after it bath been repented of. To fall into any fin out of which we have rifen, makes our fall the more grievous ; when a fi rmer- lickes up his ownvomit, when he builds againe the things which he haddeftroyed, he makes himfelfe a tranfgreffor indea They who repent not cannot expe& mercy, what remaines then for- them but a certain fearfull expe&ation ofJudgement,who repent- of their repenting, Seventhly, Sin is greatly increafed when acted with deli- beration ; to be hurried into a finne though great , is not fo greatas todoea leffe evill confultively, or to advife upon it and doe it ; fome finne for want ofadvice, many fin againft advice, and not a few fin with advice, that is advifedly. 'Tas bard tofindeout a way togive them comfort, who fin with cou,afell, They who arewife to doe evill, or who doe evill as a piece of their wifdonae ( fuck every deliberate : a&ion is eftcemed to be)