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Chap. zz. An Expojition upon the Boole! of J o B. Vert. 8. 75 Secondly, It may be taken ac`tivety, Theman that lifts up the face dwells in the Earth ; What is it to lift up the face?tt is toAc- ñr rA h 6ùáo. ceps Perlons inJudgement, to accept him that bath the wont in sa. taufe,and to releâ him that hath the bell caufe for private ends. bp-it in As if Eliph.;zhad Paid ; He that re(p,FEh perlons, that is, who pervertsNlise, he bath the Earth; arad lo h re feems to be a de= ïcripticn of all forts ofwicked men flour,fhing in lobs time and under his wing. Some oppreffe openly ; the mighty man, the tgaaraaore- man of armes comes by main force and obtains the earth, or the ra haiere riches and fames of the earth; Others oppreffe fecreuy and per_ curn.ngly, they accept perlons, and are byaffed in Judgement by fna,a,n - ctgaod theirown incere't and advaatages; The than ofehis ftrain dwelt p,wpor ¡;r aut dives aat noh'i. in it. b is aat cncrd The word notes two 'things. Firft, to continue, he dwelt la, there, thou let' 1 him abide, whereas if he had come into the , Lacy thou fhould'fl quickly have rooted him out. Secondly, Na5narefede- Thtword lignifies not onely todwell but to fit, and to fit, in re. Scripture Language notes authority or dominion, he dwelt or fate in it, that is,he was the man inauthority,he had the power, and the great places ofgovernment were entrufted in his hand. From both thereobferve ; Firft, That eviii Magifirates are apt to pervertMice, infa- vour ofthofe who aregreat in power. Favour fhould be (hewed according to the Juffnes of mens caufes, and not according to the greatneffe of their perlons. But ufualty the mightymen have the Earth, all goes on their fide, and the honourable man dwels there, he tics fate andquiet, well and warme. This is fo commonly feene, that 'tis be. come a Proverb, The mighty man loath the whole earth f r hir Potc tis elf boute to dwèll in ; the poore man lies every where,butfeldomedwelt terra; paaper any Where. The wicked are Paid to have their portion in this ubsq;)acer. life, they would have the Earth to themfelves, and they fhall have nothing but Earth. So the Prophet defcribes them (E- fay 5. 8.) Woe unto them that joyne boule to ,ioufe, that lay field to ftild.that there may be no place,that they may be placed alone in the midfl of the Earth. Man is naturally a fociable Creature, and it may teemorange that he (hould de fire to be alone in the midit oftheEa,. th : Therefore by his delire to be alone, we muff not L 2 un.