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94 Chap. 27. An Expofition upon the Book of Jo B. Verf.9. upon God, and are therefore by chè Prophet (jer, io. 2 s,) cal- led theefamilyes that call not upon his Name, and by the Pialmif, fuck as havenot God in all their thoughts, ( Pfa1. 10.4. ) that is, God is not at all in their thoughts ; yet thefe will go to God and call upon him, when they are fo urged with formes, that they knownot whither cite to goe, nor any betide to call upon. Yea, they who knowGod and profeffe his name, are fomtimes negli- gent and remiffe in prayer, till they are quickned by their own fmart, ( Ifa. 26. i 6. ) Lard, in trouble have they vi fsud thee, they powred out a prayerwhen thy chafleningwas upon them. Graceati- ed little in that people till fencewas touched;affli&ions quickned them to duty, and the rod òfGod upon their backs,was a meanes to flirre their hearts to God. Before they prayed as if they did not pray, then they prayed as if they didnothing but pray, or had nothing to doe but to pray. Lord, in trouble have they vifited thee. Godhad littleof their company, few of their viers, till he vifited them ; he had fcarce drops of prayer, when they had film:es of mercy.But when the Lords chaining hand was upon them, they powred out (bowers of prayer. Now as troubleoccafions a god- lyman topraymuch, and the traites which God fendeth him,fend him toGod with a more enlarged heart ; fo trouble will compel! them to pray,who feldome ufe to oray at all, and never delight at all to pray. Whennature fuffe '"meerenatural men will cry to God, the groffe hypocrite will c hen call upon God, much more the refined, or fine fpun hypocrite ; They who never made God their choyce, willfomettmes make him their refuge. Thirdly , Obferve; fI wickgd man will not onlypray in trouble, bat bt will pray tame illy. His prayer may amount to a cry. When 0116fes was in that great fireight, he didno more as to the outward att , he did but cry to the Lord. Hypocriteswill doe fo too ( Kings IS . 28. ) It isPaid of Bads Priefis that they cryed; Theycryed loud,and cut them(elves after their manner with knives and lanckers, till the bloodguihed out upon them ; fee, how vehement they were in their fuperfitiousdevoticn,theycryed, 0Baal, heart us, theycry- edfrom morning swill none; an hypocrite will doe all that a godly man doth, aato theoutfide of ir, he will pray and pray a- loud,