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96 Chap. 27. An ,l xpofition upon the Book of J o B. Verf.9. time when thou mayeft be foand :Surely in the floods ofgreat waters they fhall not come nigh canto him ; that is, theee goods fhall not, thefe floods of great waters are great afaions and tribulations, which is a frequent allufion in Scripture (Pfal. 69.2,) Iam come into deepe waters ( of trouble ) where thefloods (of forrow and tri- bulation ) overflow me ; and againe (v. 15. ) Let not the water- floods(that is,violent afflitaions) overflow nu. Whenthcfe floods of great waters are up and threaten to fweepe us away, then is a time, wherein the Godllaman powrs out floods of prayers and teares to God for helpe ; But the fprings and {}reams of prayer are not dryed up in him in the faire({ day and warmefl Sunfhine of outward peace and profperity. He prayeth in lickneffe, and fo he doth in health ; heprayeth inpoverty, and fo he doth in ri- ches; He prayeth ina timeof darkneffe,and fohe doth when the candle of God fhineth uponhis head, and he wafheth his foot- fieps with butter. He feeks releife by prayer in bad times, and prayer is a refre(hing to him in the bets times. As for the hypo- crite, till trouble is upon him, God heareth not of him, he dab not pray that he may doe anhonour toGcd, and thewhis loveto God, or becaufe he rejoyceth in communion with God, but be- caufe he would get off his burthee, andbe at cafe, for this he prayeth, and prayeth hard. (Pharaoh prayed, and he begged (3- thers topray for himwhen he was in trouble, (Exod. 8.8.)Then Pharaoh called for Mofes and Baron,and Paid, Intreat the Lord, that be may take away the frogs from me, and frommy people, and I will let thepeople gee, that they maydo facrifice unto the Lord.' O take 'away the.frogs from me, they troubledhim ; but he Paid not, 'O take away my hard heart from me ; that troubled him not. And againe we have him in the fame tune, ( Chap. 10. 17.) Now thereforeforgive, Ipray thee,my fin only this once, and intrust the Lord your God, that he may takeawayfromme this death only; O this death ; Himfelf prayed, andbefought Mofes ro pray alto ; bur, what was it for ? what moved him to pray? It was, thatdeath might be removed, not fin, or if he prayed chat fin might be re- moved, it was only as to the punifhment of it,nor as to the pollu tion of ir. When Peter fpake thole bitter words to Simon Ma- gus,telling himhe was in the Call ofbitterneffe, ( A&s 8 24.) Then Simonanfwered andfail, prayye to the Lord for me, that none of thefe things whichye havefpoken, come upon mc. He did not begge their