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8 Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of J o Be Vetf.1 2. manda of God ; all that we doe we should feeá Command or rule for it.. And fo all than God doth, or the works of God, ire a fulfilling of his own word. Firft , The works of God in Judgment are the fulfilling of his threatnings. Secondly, The works of God in mercy, are the fulfilling of his promifes; and fo the word of God is vitiblc both in his Judg- ments and in hismercies. Thirdly, ( which takes in both thefe) the word of God is vifible, when his Prophefies are fulfilled, whether of Judgment or of mercy. There are fame Prophefies that fpeak wrath to the world, to the wicked world ;and fome Prophefies fpeake good, favour and mercy to the Church and people of God. The works of God are the fulfilling of there. Prophefies ; and fo the truths of God are vifible in thofe works , and dealings of God, with his foes and with his friends. We may fee the word of God bud andbloffome, andbring forth in all that he doth among the chiln dren of men. Why thenare ye thus altogether vaine ? The words carry in them a kinde of admiration ; one would wonder you fhould be thus vaine, feeing you have obferved thefe things with your own eyes ; Asif he had raid, Seeing what Ifay dodo appear to your own Confciences, hew comes it topaffe that you heap up words and arguments to darken it ? why doeyou crofe your ownobfervation ? Te haveFeen what I fay, yetyou deny what I fay; What ? areyou indeedffrargers toyour own reafon ? if this be nor a vanity, whatis ? Whyare ye thus altogether vaine ? Vane vanis ad' The Hebrew word is very Emphaticall, whyare ye vaine in va® path'. 6épt. nity, or, why doe ye vainly vanity it ? why doe yeAle vaine Van' vana lo- things to vain, fay the Greek Tranflaters ? why do ye fpeak vain qníli "`' Au' things vainly, faith one of the Ancients ? There are the feverall readings of the text. To be vaine in vanity is to be altogether vaine, and to fpeakte vaine things vainely, is to acide one vaine thing to another. Thus fob chargeth his friends with heapes of vanity; the matter was vaine, and their managing of it was vaine COO all meeting in this, that they {hewed themfelves moff Mvaine. afrer