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Chap. 27. AnExpefaion upon the Bookof Jos. Verf,.t4 145 loweft and molt fparing diet. In this latter fence we are toex- pound thisScriprure.Htsoffpring fhall not befatisfledwith bread, Nïecelartus et that is, they (hall not have io mach as the meaneft food,they thall guortdtanus tl4 not have that which is neceffary, they (hall want even bread it lls vttlus de(xá !kite. The Septuagint cranflate fully to this fence, if efcaping the Bret Yine , fwordhis children come to be men, they (hall begg,they (hall got about the tercets from doore todoore begging or ac. u(t. In this Andicabunt, fence Davidufeth the word (Ffal."37,25,) Ihave beenyoung, and nowamoldj yet have!notfeen the rigbteoas forfaken, nor bee feed begging dread; that is, I have not Peen them defticute of that which is needful! and neceffary for a livelyhood c though they have not daintyes or aboundance, yet theyhave foodconvenient, or breadenough for the fuppo;t of life.job Prophefieth thequite contraryof the wickedmans off-fpring, they¡hall not be fatos ¡td with bread. Hence Obfer`ve; The greateff plentywhich the wickedprovide for their children, is no barre to their children, poverty, nor fhaá it prevent their want.. Horé riuch foever a man leaves behind for his children, ifhe leave not ableflingbehind, he leaves poverty behind, his plea. tywill come to poverty. A little, with a blefling from God is enough both for our felves andothers ; but aboundance without a bleflilg isnot enough foreither. This is the meaning of David:, affertion (ifal, 37. a 6.) .4little that a rigbteou, man bath, ti better tbar theriches of manywicked. The righteous manspenny is better flyer than the wick i mans is, nor in it felfe, not eitheb as to quantity or quality, buy b:cautc the righteous manspenny, though a little one, hash a bidlirg in it to him and his, which the wicked man=bath not. Secondly; Ob'ervc ; Not tohave that rrb"chfatiflub, ia fnot as badots to have no thingat all, yet next doors to it. Suppofe'a manperifh not by fa_minv., yet it is a very g"eat evil hot to be. fatisfied. There re two ConfiderarionQ wherein to- have bead and not to be farisfted, is a g: cat fl c ion. :Fide, tohave fo little that it will not fatisiïe nature, (which I conceive