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S6 Cnap. ,a7. an Expofition upon the Book of Jo E Verf. 2 T "IrlYttfi the 0:ioinal, Andfi,rineth 1,1.4e; out ofhis place that is, the 'Wi- de ioroji,o;vel wind of trouble, like an impetuous form, hx:Ittiri bin; cut ofbis Ventilaba eum 7rtabinabit, i.e. place. The word Reorleth, totesviolence ; He is driven cut by ttabinis in mo- force ; he that is hurled or formed out of his place would wil- remabripiat et lingly have flayed there. abtlueet. It may be quet-tioned, what !Le place is, out of which he is Mere: hurled ? I anfwer ; we may take it firfl, properly, for theplace of his dtvelling,the forme hurleth him our of houfe and home; fecond ly,for the place of his trading,d eating, and gaining,from his place of profit, from his (hop, or office 4 tilirdly,from the place of his authority, he is hurled out of his ruling and governing place, our of the bounds of his dominionand jurifdi6lion; fuch formes and tempefs doth Cl'od raife againfi and raine upon wicked men, whether in a private or p ublick-capacity,that whether their place bea place of pleafure, or aplace of profit, or a place of honour, they are (ro their grief) removed out it Hence Oliterve the Lord break out upon forte wicked men with great vio- lence and with Jury. He hurleth,he flormeth them out of their place. NCity, or a 9 ,Fort that is firongly befieged and will not yeild,is at laR formed; thus the Lord formes the forts, the Prong places of the mighty of the world with fury, and fuch arc faid to be full of the fury of the Lord (Ifaiala 5 .2o.)04ofis treating of the mortalityof man, (TM. ço. 5.) (hews that betides the general neceffity of dy- ing, under which all men are, God fends frame violent judge- ments which ;ife like a mighty inundation, and bear down all before thern,or take all away with them;Tbou carriefl them away as with a flood ; and as death comes uponmany as a flood, fo do the calamitio of this life. But among all the texts that Imeet with in. the Book of God, which Chew the violence which the Lord in judgement ufeth againfl evil men, read (tfa. 21. xS.) Behold;04 Lord will carry thee away witha mighty captivity, or captivating he will captivate thee (as if fie had faid,tbey /hallcarry thee awayat pleafitre) and ( as it followea) willlively cover thee, C.onvolvendo be will kelp violently turn and toff': thee like a Bali, into a large maw-velvet te t.,contrh,there Nit tbote slye and there the Chariots of thyglory seirvoltaionefr, /Uhl