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22 Chap.. 27. An Expofition upon the Book, of J o s. Verf. 2, Though God take away their Judgment for the prefent, yet at WI-he will give judgment for thew. Davidwas not ()lady rifen up to that affurance,but had it in experience (Pfal. 9. 3, 4, 5. ) When mine enemies are turned back, they fhall fall andperi(is at thy prefence ; for thou haft maintainedmy right,andmy eaufe, thou fatteft in the throne judging right, or in righteoufnejfe. David found God Banding up prefendy for him, and afferting his innocency, he found God fitting in his throne, and giving right judgment againfi his enemy.But is notGod alwayes upon his throne?or dock he any thing at any time upon his throne but what is righ r ? Woe to thofe who thinke otherwife ; God is alwayes upon his throne, and can doe nothing but right there. But he doth not alwayes give out, or declare his righteous judgments, or the righceoufnefie of his judgments ; Al! men havenot the fruit os benefit of them, as David then had. Thouhaft rebuked the heathen, thouhaft deftroyed the wicked,thouhaft put out their name for ever and ever. Thus the Lord did execute Judgment for Tavideven upon the place: i "le givesa like report of che prefent appearance of God for him ( Pja1. 4t. 12. )As for me thou upholdeft me in mine integritie that is, while Iwalk uprightly, fincerely, and with a tingleheart thou take(l my parr,and n-raintaine(l rue againfl all mine enemies, or notwithflanding the oppofïcion of mine enemies, thou. doeh maincaine in nie a defire and purpofe to walke ('till fincerely, up- rightly, and in the finglenefsofmy heart. And indeed we have great reafon tohold faf},and to hold on in our integrity,while the Lord undertake's to uphold us in our integrity. And if he fhould let us fall in our integrity, or our integrity fall fora while,yet we have-a promife (Pfal. 37. 6.) that the Lord will doe it for all his people at laft, or in the titreh (salon. Waite upon the Lord, croft alfo in him, andhe (hall bring it to pafJe ; he (hall bring forth thy righteoifnefsas the light,andthyjudgment as thenient day.Though thy judgment or right be like midnight, darke, and obfcure, fo that none can fee it ; though the Lord himfelfe ( as Yob here fpeakes ) feemeth to have taken away thy Judgment, yet Waite a while, and thou flak fee a glorious turne,thou (halt fee darknefs turned to light,and midnight to noone clay ; thou (halt fee God bringingforth thy righteoufneffeas the light, and bringing backor reftoring thy judgment (which he tooke away) likeunto thenoone- day. Thus Paul comforted himfelfe when God had taken away his