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i 38 Chap.27. An Expofition tapon the Book o J o B. Vert. 4.. Cher. Some will fay of a man, whofe faults or faylings they would mitigate, Pie is no mans enemy but his owne, whereas indeed to be our owne enemy in any kind,or to hurt our felves, is more fin- full, than to be anenemy to, or hurt another man. Self-love is a very great as well as a very common fin ; yet not to love our felves, or to doe anything which fignifieth a want of love to our felves,is a greater fin. As we mutt not feekeour felves,fo we muff not loofe our (elves, if wecan help it. I have elfe-where upon former paffages of this booke, had occafion to note thispoynr, yet could not well paffe it here. Fifthly, Obferve ; Agodly manMould have afpeciall care of bit tongue, that be of- fend not in his words. A godly man is careful) what he fpeakes, and horíhe fpeikes, not only leaf( his lips thould fpeake wrckedneffe,or his tongue ut- ter deceit;but left his lips íhould fpeakan idleword,or his tongue the leaf/ offence. There are two things about which the care of a godly man is very converfant; the firfl is his heart, the fecond is his tongue, thefe two hold correfpondency with each other. Solomon puts us ( as it were ) upon an equal careof keeping them (Pro.4.23i24.)Keep thyheartwith all diligence,forout oftt are the Om of life; put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverfe lips put awayfarre from thee.The Original text runs in the abaradt;Prat away from thee frowardnes of mouth& perverfnefs oflips.The heart is the Citadel,andmuff be chiefelykept; the lips are the out-workr, and therefore mull not be negleeted.He that wouldput away a fro -_ ward mouth from him,mua keephis heart; and he that keepes his heart will Tooke to his mouth; a froward mouth is the figueof a froward heart : And he that keepethnot frovvardneffe from his heart, (hall hardlykeep frowardneffe from his mouth. There is fuch a continual intercourfe between the heart and mouth, that if the one be out of courfe, the other will not long continuein it. As the outward fences, unleffe well watcht, quickly conveigh va- nity CO the heart ; fo unleffe the heart be well watch(, it quickly conveigheth vanity to the tongue ; and unleffe the tongue be well watch(, it willquickly difcover and vent all the vanity and trafh that is wrought in the heart. David ( Pfal. 3 9. t . ) tooke upa a firong refolution about this duty ;1jailIwill take heed tom, wayer,