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.Chap. 27. An Expofition . upon the Book of Jo s. Verf. 6.= (Pro, i8.9.) He alfo that isfloathful inhis work, is brother to him that is a great wafter. The flothful man is weak at his work, he will eafily let it go, his work drops out of his hand, or frombetween his fingers. What we do ,not fet our hearts to, we care not to fet our hands to,or hold it in our hearts. That Scri- pture (Num. i 3. r 8.) will give us a little more light about the force of this word. WhenMofesfeat out the (pies, and gave them in(Irudkions what they thould doe in the Land of Canaan; See ( faith he ) what the people are, whether they beflrong or weak,fear or many, learne or enforme your felves, whether they be a people that will eafily part with their Land, and give upthe hold of their puffeffioes. Confider whether they be firong, and valiant men, that will difpute and fight for every patch of ground ere they part with ir, or whether they be weak, that is, fisch as will eafily let theirLand goe, and be turned out of all their labours, to fave themfelves a labour. The word is ufed alfo in the Rory of the Le- vite ( 9.9.) Andwhen the wan roleup todepart,be andbia Concubine, and his Servant, his Father in Law, the 'muftis father ¡aiduntohim, behold now the day draroeth towards evening ; the He- brew is, as we put in the Margin of our larger Bibles, the day is weak, or ready to let the Light go; in the morning the light re. creafeth and waxeth fironger and flronger, but towards evening thedayOr the Light isgoing away, it groweth weakwhen the Sun departeth. Now,faith job, Iwill not let go mine integrity, my in- tegrity fhall be as the afcendingor morning Sun, climbing higher and higher, my integrity (hall not decline or go down, I wilt not let it go, but it (hall Thine brighter and brighrer,till it fhineth forth in full Rrength. And in this fenfe Jacob fpake to the Angel, (Gen.32.24.) vvhomade requeti, Let me goe, for the day break- eth, no, faith Jacob, I will not let theegoe except thou bleffe me. And thus faith jab, Iwill not let itgoe ; I will not a& like aweak man, what I have undertaken I will abide by, and not give an inch" of ground. As 0/tofu faid to Pharaoh about the departure of1 f- rae! ( Exod. r 0.26. ) Our cartelfhallgo with us, there fhall not an bo2febe left behind, I will not let any thing go that belongs to If- rael. Thus conftanr is Job in this controverfie, about his righte- oufnc%, he would not lofe a hair of it. I will not let it g0e. I 2 Hence 59