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s Chap.27. An Expofition Capon the Book of J o B. Verf.6. to his friends dealing with him ; as if he had Paid, remy friends havereproached me often, but Iam refolved myown heart pall not reproach me. He tells them (Chap. r 9.3 .) tbe[e ten times haveye reproached me ; but reproach ye as long and as often as ye will, my heart (hall not reproach me once or at all, if Ican avoyd it, ae long as I live. There is a double rendringof thefe words ; fome give them in the time pafi, My heart bath not reproached me all mydayes, or all the time that I have lived ; That is a very good fence : fob was of such integrity,that though he had many failings, yet he had not finned againff the di&ates of his conscience, and fo had not bro- ken his peace by what he had done, though he had often done that which called him to repentance. bur Translation, and fo ge- nerallyothers, read the words in the future tenfe, My heart (ball not reproach me, I will not give it caufe to reproach me, which I shoulddoe, if I should affent to your reproaches, My heart ¡hall not reproach meas long as Ilive ; The Hebrew is, frommy layer ; which bath a double interpretation ; Firft, concerning my layes ; that is,concerning my manner of living. MagerBroughton feemes tocomply with this reading as befI, My heart¡hall takeno shame frommy layes, that is, from thofe things which I have done in my dayes, or frommy whole converfation ; not as if he thought him- Rif free from fin, but he had not gone on knowingly in a way of finning, or he had not a&ed againa his knowledge. We cannot but doe that which we know to be finful, and yet, polfibly, we may not fin againa our knowledge. Secondly, Frommy dayes, that is, all thedayes that either I have,or (hall live. This formof fpeaking being ufed indifferently, both in reference to the time paf+, and to come, is a confirmation of Jobs integrity; he had fo lived that his consciencedid not check him, and he was resolved fo to go on, with fo much clearneffe, that his conscience fhonld have no caufe tocheckhim,iMy heart fhallnot reproach me as long as I live, Hence ()Verve ; Firfi, Confcience, or the heart ofman, batb an accssftng, or an up- braidingpower in it. Conscience is a very buhe faculty of the foul, and it bath many offices. First, Confcicnce is as a regifier to take notice of and re- cord 'VI a diebas; mois. Dovita mea, et moribus me- is. Dxuí.