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Olap:.27. ,-.ñn E491k#ou *POI : tbc, Book of J.oB. yerf: 6. 65'. npleafant bird,icfigs fweetly, and when confcience fangs fweet- ly, we arc fitted to act vigoroufly. Conscience' isa book, for the mending of the faults whereof allother books have been made; and whenonce confcience ismended and Cet right,fo that we can fay in truth as `POI ( Asks 23. t . ;) tYe bave livedin all toad confcience before God, and (as be fpeakes in 'another placeof that- booke) havekept our confcfrnces,void ofoffencebath towards Goetand towards man, then have we confidence both towards God, and towards man, and have 6oód ground co fay , Our heart ¡fallnot repritci' us a'slong rte Agood orpurecoot-dace( as other Scripturescall it)will cer- tainelybe aquiet& apeaceable confcience;a good confcience will not only not reproachor troubleus, but it will exceedingly re; frefh and comfort us. So the Apoflle profeffed from his own experience( z Cor. r. a2..) Our rejoycingis this, the teflineony of our confcience,that infimplicity andgod! jincerity, not withfiefhly wvifdeme, but by thegrateofGod, wehave bad our convsrfation in theworld, and moreabundantly to you- wards. When confcience bearer its ceflimonywith us, and for us, howfull of joy is the foul, even in the mida of many outward forrows ? And as trou- ble ofconfcienceis the greacefl crouble,fo joyof confcience is the greatetjoy. That mancannever want i mutck, whole confcience .; fpeakesinconfort, and is harmonious with himfelf. A good .con- fcience is the poore mansriches,and the richmans Jewel;A. good confcience is thebefi pillow to.flcepe upon, and the bell difh to feed upon. Adifh, faid I?''tit. aflail feafl, faid I ? Solomon faithmore ( Pro, a 5. t 5. ) tit a cantonal' fiáft ?The Geneva tranflation faith, Agood confcience,ours,a'merrÿbeart(which doth not contradict the other, but explaine it. A good and a merry heart or confcience) iss continual!feafl And as they who are Merry are fit for feafl, fo at a feat 'cis both proper and comely: tobe merry. And while confcience continuesgood, the feafl will contiatee, and thereforeagood confcience muff needs be a conti- nual' feat':. Nor is is toplay the Epicure, ca be alwayes at this fëáll;for in this feafl,everypot anddish is Holineftto the Lord;Nor shall any need to (care a furfet, by being continually at this feafl; for as the leafier sare temperate, fo their appetiteand fa isfaetion sere Rc.rpetually interchangable. They fluff be alwayes feafled by ¢oufcacnçe,, whoarccarefull that-their confciences-ihall not at all reproach