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Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Vetf,7`. 71 theunrighteous. That's the belt effeem and highea value that I have of all them that are wicked and unrighteous. Hence Obferve; To be wicked, or An unrighteous man, is to be in the worfl efiate, incident unto, or imaginablebyman. Tobe poore and defpifed, co be weake and fickly, all thefe e- vills of flare, name, and body, are not evil! at all,in comparifon of fin. Moralevills are the worts of evils. And in the opinion of godly men, none are in fobad a condition as ungodly men ; if it werelawfull towith the wort/ tha c could be roan enemy,the worfi we could withhim ( puttingall evill wifhes in one ) is, that be fhould beas the wicked, andunrighteous. Indeed theywho are like them in wickednefs,think none like them in happinefs,and fo they think themfelves. We have both thefe tempers, or diflempers ra- ther, laid down in one verfe (Pfal. to. 3. ) The wicked boafteth ofbis heartsdefire(that is,when he bath gotten, which is not worth the getting,whar his heart detireth )andblef)'eth the covetous(that is, counts them bleffed) whom the Lord abhorreth.They who are of the world, bleffe the worldly, and bleffe themfelves in their worldly bleffednefs, and would not turne Tables with any in the world unleffe fuch.ashave more of the world than they, ( Pf.39. z)Tbe wicked ftättereth himfelfe in bis own eyes, till his Inigciities be found abominable. He thinks all is well withhim, and fo doe many betides himfelfe. Yea fo ignorant, or impudent are fome, that they think God himfelfe approves, and hash a good opinion of the ungodly. Such bold blafphemers are at once difcovered and reproved by the Prophet, ( Ma1. 1g.) rehavewearied the Lordwith your words, yet ye fay wherein have we wearyed him ? whenye fay everyone that doth evill agood ( that is, approved,ac- cepted,and well efteemed) in the fight of theLord,and be deligbt- eth in them, or where is the God of judgment ? Which latter words are either a new accufation, or the proofe of their former accufationas if they had faid,if he did not delight in,and approve them,he would punith them. This is(as the Septuagint render) a provoking word,or (as theChaldee bath it) a molefling trou- bling word; we render it fully,a wearying word. What ? when Godfuffers wicked men to profper and receive good,doth he ac- count them good?The Prophet 1¡diah ( Chap. 43.24.,)pretence the