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'Chap. 30. An Expofttion upon the Boere of J o D. Verf. z i. 97 (hipwas flarke nought, and that,iftherehad been in thole dayes aJudge in If rael, he wóuld or ought tohave refiraired him from that grofle fuperfiitionand impiety, in which he then went on without check or controule. Againe, we find there words (Chap. '18..v. a.) and there they are prefixed as a reafon why the Da- nites were forced to provide an inheritance for themfelves, whereas, while that people had a Judge among them, the Tribes were ordered to e(1ì(4 oneanother in deflroying the Canaanites, andgetting the pofTeffionof that inheritance which was defign- ed them by lot opón tlae firfl divifion of the Land , as we reade ( Numb. 32. 2 r. 7tsdg. a. 3.) But nowbring deilitute of a fu. prearne Magiilrate, they lookt only to themfelves,and wouldnot give one another this brotherly a(fìhanre. Thirdly, we find thofe words againe ( Chap. 19. r. ) And there they intimate, that the reafon, why the Levites wife committed whoredom:, and the menof Gibeab fuch abominable lewdness (as the follow- ing hillory lets forth at large) was becaufe there was no Magi. (irate to direct them in their duty, nor to corret`I their depar- turesfrom it And when the faced Hiftorian, had declared that bloody warre,, and the great calamities which carne upon that people as the fruit and confequent of that wickednes in Çibeah,he fhuts tip the booke with the recital of the fame words (Chap. 21. 25.) In thofe dayes there was no King in [frail every man did that which w is right in bis orine eyes. As ifhe had laid, I can re- ferre all there mifchiefes and confufions, to no other head but this, The want of a head to governe Ifreel. And to conclude this poynt The Prophet defcrihes the like wofull condition ofa people, when the flay and flaffe, or ( as 74 fprake, here) the Board and bridle ofgovernment is broken, ( Ifa. 3. y. ) And the prep/c 171;11be oppreffed, everyone byanother, andevery one by his neighbour ; the chi/de ¡bail behave himfelfepr.suxly ag.airff the an- cient, and the bafe agairfi the honourable. Here you fee plainly, what comes.on't when the cord is looted, and the bridle throwne up, then the childe behaves himfeife proudly agaie f the ancient, and thebap agai,ß the honourable; They are in a very forelorne condition, who have Childrenfir their Princes, and bales to rule over them, as the fame Prophet fpeakes at the 4th verfe of that Chapter ; that is, wbofe Princea and Rulers are like babes or children ineither ofthere two refpeds; firf4, as having no more ® un..