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'Chap. 30. An esepolltion upon the 7Yook of Jo' B. Vert, ir. 99 vidwent out into all lands, and the Lordbrought thefeare of bins, upon all Nations. Now the Lord who is able to caufe the feare of his people, or the feare ofa perfon highly honoured by him to takehold of nations, which are not under their power ; furely he is able to make the feare and reverence that is due to a Ma- giftrate, to take hold ofall the people that are under him. And if God once loofen his cord they feare him no more, theywill Toone either contemne him, or rife up and rebell againft him. There is a fecret power of God which ftrengthens or weakens the cordofduty to Magiftracy. SomeMagiftrates live in much outward pompe and fplendour, who yet have not the beans of the people ; and others whoare but mean in appearance, are yet much loved and highly efteemed, this is a plaine demonftra don that the thing is of God. We have two great inftances of this, one in Solomon, another in Reboboom ; Solomon was a mighty King in his time, and his refpeá among the people was very great,all nations did him bonour,his fubjeets honoured him much more; yet when Solomon provoked God by marrying ftrange 'wives, and building idol) Temples, God looted the cord of his authority, and the people loofed the bridle before him. The Lord {tined up feverall adverfaries unto Solomon from abroad (I Kings xi . r 4, 23.) and at the 26thverfe, °ercboam who was not onlyhis fublec`f, but his fervent, even he lift up kis band a- gainff the King. Solomon was not only a powerful? King, but a King of peace, yet warre brake inupon him, not only from a. broad by ftrangers, but from himwho lived in the bowelsof his own dominion. The fpring of all this troublewas meritorionfly from his own fin, .8t efficiently from the ¡di difpleafure ofGod, both which are expreffed in two vertes (r Kings i I.9, i o. ) rsfnd the Lord was angry with Solomon , becaufe his heart was turnedfrom the Lord God of Ifrael, who had appeared unto him_, twice. When the gracious appearances of God are either for- gotten or ill requited, we muff looke for angry appearances. If Princes turne fromGod afrer be appeares to them in love , he will fuller men to turne from and appeare againft them in difloy- alty. This doome Solomon heard in the next words ; Wherefore the Lord(aid unto Solomon, forafntucb as this is done of thee, and thou hall not kept my covenant and my fi'atutes which 'commanded thee s 1 will fore!) rend the (ingdome from thee, andmill give it p z unto