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122 Chap.30. An Expofition upon the Book of Jo B. Ver1:i3, words) though they be never thebetter; that is, though they have no benefit by it. Such was their malice, that they held his trou- ble their advantage, though it did not at all advantage them. Theoriginal may beare this trarflation, and it carries a notable defcriptionof that fpirit, of which the wicked are, or with which they are often moved. Their actions are nought, but their fpirit or principle is farre worfe. Theyfet forwardmycalamity ( faith lob ) or hold my heavines a profit, though they have no belpe by it, cr though they be never thebetter. We may underftand this reading two wayes. Firft In reference to their Judgement, or light, though they fee and are convinc'd theycan get nothing by it yet they will doe it. Secondly I'n reference to the event : though byall theirwic- ked dealings with me , they doe not advantage themfélves in the iffue, yet theyproceed to deale wickedly with me. From the former underftanding ofthe words, Note. Some will ere mifchiefe to others, though theyfee they jhallget no benefit by it themfelves. Asagodly man will doe good ( where duty callshim) for goodnelfe fake, for duties fake, though he gaineno worldlyad- vantage by it; fo wicked men will doe evill freely, even though theydoe not get fo much as a pin of their fleeve , or a paring of their nayls by i ^,though they fee clearly,that all they gaineby it, they may (as we fay) put in their eyes, and fee never the worfe. David (Pfal. 120. 3,) gives a rebuke to fuck a wicked genera- tion as yob here fpeakes of, what /hallbe given to thee, or done unto thee, thou falfe tongue? What dolt thou Expert thou falfe tongue in pleading a bad caufe?What fee or reward haft thou for being an acculer in Read of an advocate ? What (hall it profit thee (as weput in the Margin) what (halt thou gaineby thy de- ceitful) tongue ? or (as our Margin bath it againe) what 'hall the deceitful) tonguegiveunto thee, that thou goeft about flandering thy brother, and tearing his good name ? Hath thy deceitfull tongue houfesor lands togive thee ?harh it any treafuresofgold and filver to beftow upon thee ? Surely as it (elfe is , fo it gives only / harpearrows oftse mightie,and cooler of7uniper,as the next verle turwmoN111.