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Chap. 3o. An expofition upon the Took of J a. Verf.IS. 139 not onlyofmy riches and wealth, of all meanes of exercifing `zi.simar: , earn bounty,or (hewingmy felfehonorable, but (as much as in them Eenefcentis lyeth) they have deprived me ofmy credit, ellivaa.:i Jo and ho. tTgatn noun. In purfuance of which expofition fome ttar,flate the iat- Tnge7tt;tate,n ter part of the verle ( Andmy welfare pafeth away at a cl,:ttd) ;nec n. jun. thus, Ias a Prince or Saviour paJfe away. The Hebrew words fignifying welfare, falvatian, or Saviour, are all of one and the fame route. Mr. Calvin infnschiefely upon this meaning of the words, as his trar.flation expreffeth it, Theypurled mine excel- lency as a wind ; All there readings; Theypurfued my dignity, my nobility, my ingenuity, mine excellency carry a faire cou ply- ance with y.b.r (-cope, and the general! purpofe of this Scripture. For whereas he had been exalted indignity, and was a man ofa very noble estradion ; Notwithftanding all this, there vile pert ms before ipoken of, did what they could with their blacke mouchesand flarderous tongues, toobfcure & darken his name, to turne hie glory into fliame , and to lay his honour in the duff, as the Pfalmift ipe:aketh Nor can it be doubted but Sob after all the affrontsand ignominious ufages which that unworthy fortof men offered him. had reafon enough to affert not only his inte- grity and honefty,but his dignity and his honour,wLich they had fo wretchedly torne and ftained; or at lean to complaine that thofe impudent perlons who had cart offall fhame, fhould thus falfely and barbaroufly attempt or invade his honour, and cart fhame upon him. Thus we may well accommodate thofe various trarffations to the Text ; yet I conceive our own every way as futable to ?obi intendment, and the purport of the whole Chap- ter ; And therefore I fhall returne to the explication and im- provement of that. They purfue my foule. That is, theypurfue me to the utterrnoft ; They are not con- tented with my body, or goods, or good name,they would have my foule alto. That which we are fayd to doe or define withour foule, we doe and we define it to the utmo t ; Praife The Lord, O my foule, fayd David (Pfal. r03. I.) With my foulehave I clefred thee in the night, faith the Church Ufa. 2tá. 9.) Now, as what we doe and delire with our foule,weboth doe and d. lire it with greaten earneftnef e fo when we purlùe or prolccu.e the T z foule