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Chap. 3a. An Expoftion °'pon the Booke of J o B. Verf. 15. 14T the foule. There are two or three other words ufed in the He- brew of the old Teftament, for the foule of man , but none of them have fuch an Emphatis or figoificancy as this under difcuf- fion s A principal e =.e. The foulé may be Riled, The principal one, orchiefe part inman, with refile& Firft, to its Original; For although God made the body of Haan as well as his foule, yet he hath declared himfelfe more in Scripture, as to the making of the foule , then of the body ; (gen. Z. 7.) And the Lord God formed man of the dint# of the ground , andbreathed into his noftrills the breath of life : and man became a living ¡ogle. The body was formed out of preexiaing matter, but the Soule was breathed immediately fromGod him. (elfe. And to thew howmuch the foule of man lothmelt cis body, man is not called a living body, but a living foule. Deno- mination is ufually_y given and takenfrom the more noble part. Yea the originallofthe foule isfomuch from God bey, itid that of the body, that the Scripture fpeakes often as if God had to doe onlywith theoriginal ofthe foule, leaving the driginall of the body to the earth for the materiali caufe of it, and to the natural( father, as the inftrumentail caufe of it. The former is expreffe ( Eccl. I z. 7.) where Solomon what becomes of man, or how he is beftowed after his dif elution bydeath, hates iç thus ; ThenAll the dull (that is, the body) reiterar to theearth as it was, and the fjsirit ( tire is; the fouie ) ¡ball rettarne to ÿód whogave it. The latter is as expreffe (Heb. r 2 9. ) Furthermore, we bave hadfathers of our flefh, trhich correíied oes , and we gave them reverence, fball one not much rather be infubjeflion to the fa- ther offpirits, and live ? The foute is not traduced from earthly parents, but produced by the power of God ; It doth not refult or fpring from the crafts or temperament of the body, as the life or foule of a beaft cloth.but ;stile peculiar gift ofGod;God gave to beafts breath and life, but be did not breath into them the breath of life ; The life ofbeafts was concreated with their ba- Metuo ne rom fenferás buteba dyes, whereas the body of pan was firft formed, and then by a mini (viectn o- fecond a& the foule ,as at once infufed, and the body enlivened. nimirHm vi£to_ Godbreathed intomans body thebreath of life, andhe became a li.. ri) quòd anima wing foule ; yethis fou e was not ofGod by way of emanation ex deo irafir, -(as fome have both .erro,neoufly and blafphetooufly; afiierted) at ¡Áo c aa.ß 'but;oforfromGod by.anlié* ofcreation. And as the excellera- art pert urn cy pre:byt. .