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146 Ci14.30, ,sin Expof:tion upen the Book of Jo B. Verf.,I body, but becau,e it abides and lives, when feparare and parted from the body. I ¡Ball only adde this caution ; They who begin todeny the immortalitie of the foule (in this fence) are in a faire .way to deny its immortalitie in any fence. Atheifine ie a weed that bath grown. apace in thie age, though I am much perfwaded 'tis now a withering. Now; If the foule be (urprincipal one, upon all there afore-. mentioned accounts, finely we have caufe tocomplaine of many for dealing fo ill with their foules. The Lord by his holy Pro- phet reproves thole who calledZion an out. caft,faying,Thie if Zi- esl, 1hom n) man feeketh after. Have we not cattle to reprove, thole, who regard their routes as if they were no better then out- cans, not worth the feeking after ? Howmany are therewho va- lue their .rules as if they wereof no value? who fell their prin. cipal one for a thing of nought ? The Prophet complaines of thole .oppreffors who feuld the pre for a paire ofJ oe, (Amos2. 6. ) doe not many felltheir.f"oules at as goodly a price as a paire oft öoes ? They who hazard their fouler for the higheti earthly concernments, they who al me not at fmall matters when they fin, but (as;the Eagle which floops not at a flu) purfut the beft r the world to the wrog rheir,oules, neither know the, worth of their routes, nor the worthlefrleffe of the world. How foolïth then are they who ioofe their foules to catch and get Cayes I Remember your foule is your principali one. And there- fore they only are truely wife , who bellow their principal care upon their,principal one, their foule, We fhould pay our greaten tribute of labour for the fafety of thisprincipal one in our bo- fomes;yet we fad ly fee (as Solomon îayd,Eccl.6.7.)AIl the labour ofa man isfor bis mouth,for;what he(ball eat CI' dro4Many hun- dreds ofprofeffiiuns have been invented , and their profeffors are labouring all day for the body,but how few are at worke for the enriching and faving,of their own foules ? How doe men ftudy the health of their bodyes, the fafety oftheir bodyes, the adorn., ingoftheir bod) es, while the health and fafety,while the adorn- ing and beautifying of their foules is little thought on, yea while the faule fits in the tattered beggarly raggs of the old Adàmh . filthy and uncleane. When Pambsta. law an harlot curioufly drefiing and trimtning her felfe with her combe and her glalre, he broke out into tearer upon a double confideration;Firft, he' saute