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Chap. 3rß. AN Expofttion open the Stake of J a. Verf. t. Fifthly, They were not only poore,but juttly defpüèd for meir ill qualitteG, and as bad behaviour,at the 5th verle, They were dri- venforthfrom ammg men ( thy cryed after them as- after a thiefe ); HoneRmen deferve efteeme with ail, and have it with fome men, though never 11 poore; but thefe like .theeves were caf er'd from the focietyof all honett men, yea oral! men who were not as bad as themfelves, and joyned hands with then in doing mif- chief. Sixthly , By their miferable habitation or place of abode. (vor. 6; and 7. ) T. died in the clefts cfthe valleys, is caves of the earth, and in the rocks.. mong the bu¡hes the) brayed, under the nettles they were gathered together. 'Tis like to prove a good broode, that was thus netted. We read indeed of many holy ernes (f whom as the Apofle faith ( Heb. t t. 38. ) the world wets not worthy) mho wandered in defrarts, and is moontaines, and in dens, and caves of the Earth ; But, Ttefe men were turn'd out and pnrfued, like men unworthy to live in the world, muchmore unworthy to be admitted it to any civili fociety. F aftly , 70b argues their vileneffe by the foolifht,effe of theit fathers, an evil' bird bath an evil) egge; Thus he fp;akes at the $drh verte, they were children offeeler ; which fotie underffand of the young men, others of their fathers, their fathers werewicked and fbsrke nought they were childrenof feoles, yea children of bale men, tbiy were viler then the earth; This was the be character which ?eb could give the men that defpifed him, they were bale and of a bate ea.ftradion, they were fprunge from an ill root, and themfelves were evil) branches, Though wecannot alwayes concludeof the branch (in a morali fence) by the route, yet molt branches are fruited in morals according to tF =ir route. As lobhath thus aggravated the fcorne and contempt put upon him, by t.e inconfiderab'eneffeof the perlonswhodid. contemne him. So fecondiy, HeBoth it by a particular innumeration ofthofe a&ions or wayes, by which they expreffed their contempt; they did not only canremne him in their hearts, as t.Michal deipifed .Dxvid dancing before the Arke, b: t they r:éted their contempt outwardly. And we have five particular ads of their contempt ìnftanced in ; Firlt They madehies their fong,,at the p ;k verle. Secondly;,