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Chap. 30. An É.xpotition soon the Book of J 6 E. Verf, i 9. 179 it ro theground. Tholewords, by Giftingit, are not exprelt in the Original!, but thole words, to theground plainly imply as much, thou haft profaned his Crorawe to theground. Crownes have a kind of ffacrednes in them (efpecially the Crowne of Ifrael had ) They are made and appointed to fit upon the heads of Princes, and therefore, they are in a fort prophaned when cafi upon the ground. God made fuck a breach in the kingdome of David in the timeofRébobeam, his Grand. child, as might well be called a catting ofhis Crowne to the ground,as if it had been a prophane thing, and as his Crowne fohis throne was caft downe, (v.4.ç. ) Thou haft made his glory to ceafe : andcafi his throne damne to the ground. Thus God dealt with the family of David, a man after Iris own heart,when the heart ofhis family began to depart from God, and joyne with Idols. And thus God deales with many of his Saints, he vifibly Orontes them; and violently throwes them into the mire, and defaceth all their earthly glory. Thirdly , Note There is nofuffering conditionfo lowandfordid, but Godfome.: times cafi his caeiceftfervants into it. He calls them nor only into aftlidtion, but into the dirt of af- flidtion. The Church of God may lyeamong the pots, as that fiippofition of the Pfalmift intimates, (Pfal. 68, r 3.) Though ye have lien among the pots.,ter fhallyet be ae the wings of a dove covered withfiiver, andherfeathers withyellowgild. Indeed the Church ofGod hat!' more then once lien among the pots, and lookt like a very fcu pion in the chimny corner amoi,g the antes. Ìteremiab was a faithfull and a precious Prophet, t' God fuffered him to b: cat, or cafi him into the mire literally, ( ?ere. 38. 6.) They torke 7eretaiah and raft him into the dungeon ofMalchiab the fan of Hammelech that was in the Court ofthe prifon : and they let downe f ereuiah with cords : and in she dungeon there was no Ira. ter, but mire : fo 3eremiabfunke in the mire. As 7erenaiah Ruche in the literal mire, fo have fome other precious Samts but as for the mire in a figure (of which this text & poynt fpeak) whocan tall how many ofthem have beencolt into it ? God lets his,peo. plc finke into any mire but the mireoffin ; of which the Apofìle fpeakes ( z a.z.) And whileGod keeper usoat ofthat mire, we may well beare it, whatfoever mire he colts us into. Sin is the A a z