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Chap. 30. An Expofárion upon the Bsoke of j o a. Vert. 19 181 we are what we are,duft and áfbes; manwill farce b:. perfwa- ded that he is duff, until! he is ready to goe to the duff. As the Apol'le faith in another cafe, (t foh 3. 2.) Bel7ved, noware wee the font of Clod, and it Bothnetyet appears what we /hall be. Bee we know, that when he¡ball appears, weelhai%be like loins; for sec ;hall fee him as he is. The tons ofGod doe not vet know what their own' o íhip is,as to all the priviledges and excellencies of it,n [hall they fully know itunrill they come to heaven, which is our full en oyment of thole excellencies and privileges. N.nw as Saints know little of their future happineffetill they en joyit , f© we know little ofour prefent frailety till we feele it; we are now duff and Mlles, yet it Both fcarce appeare to us that we are fo, till tome great changes areupon us, till force fickneffe take hold ofus, and then we begin to be+hinke our felves how frat ie we area or to thinke that we are but duff end attics. David could fay, ( 'Bfal. 39. 5. ) Behold,thou haft made my days at an hand- breadth, andmine age is- as notéing before thee: verily every mart at hie heft eftate is altogether vanitie, fclah. Man is vanity, that's a truth, ( and the truth of lobs text, ) yea every man in his heft ettate, in his glory,beauty,and ffrength, in his riches, dignity and power , when he is attended to and seated upon the highest throne ofhonour artaineable in this world, is even then but vani- ty, duff and Mlles ; but he is not convinced of this until.{ he is taught it by affli&ions and humbling providences. 'Tis feldorne that a man in hi.r heft e fiate,teeth the u csfÌ' of hit (fiats ; that he, it altogether vanitïe, daft and allies. Man was hrft formed out of the duff, by the creating handofGod, and the aftl `f i ng handof God turnes him (as it were ), backe againe into the dt.ff,yea into duff. When man is at his worff iffue, he is no worse then he was in his originali, duff. That which fickneffe did to `lob, deal will (tiortlydoe and more to us all, wee (ball become duff and aches. Sickneffe makes us like duff and anus , but death marts us duff andashes ; death is not farre from difcafes, nor agrave from a lick-bed. The papiffs have a day according to their blind devo- tion (and it lath been knowne among us)which they call the day ofapses, or ash menfday. 'Tie fuperffition to keepe a day of apses, or an alb- wenfday., but 'cis a good piece of found religion every day to remember that we are but dull and Mlles 'Tis our wif- dome to confider that willingly in our ftrength and healthwhich